20 year old dating 27 year old, 30 year old man dating 20 year old woman - age difference relationship

30 year old man dating 20 year old woman - age difference relationship

How long have they been together? You live and learn and live and learn. That could get weird fast, or it could be the source of a bad power dynamic.

She works with him, and they are keeping their relationship private for now because of that. However it sounds from your post like you haven't actually met this fellow. Also, her mom retired early in part to accommodate her Dad and she's spent the last decade or so being pretty bored.


Dating someone your parents don't approve of while you live with them, and that person also being a coworker is a horrible idea. Dating with an age gap works great for some people, not so great for other people. Sure, dating coworkers can cause problems, but in the long run it's no big deal.

27 year old dating 20 year old

For example, a year old with a year old is not going to seem such a big deal. Is marriage sometime in the next few years a possibility, or no? We both independently left this religion years ago for saner pastures.

Long before I ever met my wife, she was involved in a similar relationship, simply click dating site age-wise. Everything you say about your sister and her partner makes me think the age difference is something they are going to handle well. The age difference in itself is not a problem. What was the best first date you ever had?

There are really three possibilities. We've been married since last November. Everyone's got a lot of growing up to do. But that's not the question. What's my opinion of the guy?

You're you, and she's her. The trouble is I didn't really know what was reasonable here, hence the question. Step back and give this much time and space. This was a mutual decision, website although they are both anxious to be public.

Listen to your family on this one. It's not really that creepy. The age difference is the least of your worries, if it is a worry at all.

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The first is basis of relationship. Would that have changed anything? Thank you all for your responses, which have helped me learn more about what is considered healthy and normal by average folks. Them being coworkers is also a concern.

This can be a big deal or not. Also, take in consideration of your family. What are the bad things you think are going to happen here?

27 year old guy dating a 20 year old girl

And there is no strange life experience power-balance of any kind. You said it yourself, you are in love with him, why brake such a lovely relationship and one that is making you so happy. No it's not age is just a number. Eventually they broke up, obviously, but she turned out ok. They came from a similar conservative background to yours.

He may very well treat her better than the immature guys her age will. It doesn't sound like you're worried about her safety, so. Do they get along despite an age difference? The relationships are healthy.

He is moving way too fast. She is more mature than me than I was at that age though. Here's the thing, the differences between ages only really becomes an issue when you're at different phases of your life. You guys either have never been with a girl or haven't dated much. He admits now that he himself was a bit concerned about the age difference.

If you re 26 would you date a 20 year old

  • If you decide to consider marriage at some point, really think about the age difference.
  • Seems unnecessarily limiting?
  • Age is just a number as long as you are both on the same page with maturity it shouldn't matter.

Is a 27 year old guy dating a 20 year old girl creepy

Is a 27 year old guy dating a 20 year old girl creepy - GirlsAskGuys

The other issue is a difference in stages of life. You need to take care of yourself, and let her do for herself, unless or until some sort of actual harm enters the situation. Large age gaps for adults can have issues, too. What could these two people possibly have in common? The mark of a good relationship is how well does he treat her?

Other companies don't allow for it at all. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? This might sound a bit out of left field, but is it possible that some of your Mormon upbringing might still be affecting your thinking a bit? But it sounds like they're aware of those risks, your too.

  1. This is particularly relevant if they work in the same place!
  2. In the end, it's their relationship and they, not the world or even you, have to be happy with it.
  3. One of the great things about being a year-old woman is getting to date year-old men.
  4. As long as your sister is using birth control and otherwise taking care of herself, then I wouldn't worry.

The job depends on the company's rules about employees having relationships with co-employees. It's likely that he will die a decade or more before she does. Is too much of an age difference?

He sounds great and she sounds like she knows her shit. No, it's not creepy at all. As for parents who may kick her out of the house, this is a separate issue.

27 year old dating 20 year old

As with other posters, the only thing that concerns me is that they work together. Anyway its normal for men to be older than women. Or she might get burned, like any other relationship. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. My parents were concerned about the age difference, but they didn't really have a say in the matter, and he eventually won them over anyway.

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27 year old guy dating a 20 year old girl

Incidentally, it's probably a lot healthier for her to not be living with your parents if she's choosing to live her life this way. She would not be homeless, because she could come live with me, but given that I live in another state she is not super fond of, I am sure she wouldn't prefer that. However, dating online everyone is different.

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If you re 26 would you date a 20 year old

Is this a cause for concern? In our case, it worked out beautifully and things are pretty great with us. The age difference is big, but if she's as mature as you say she is, and they seem to be good together, it's probably ok. She is taking a balanced perspective on this, and she realizes that even though this guy seems perfect now, things could go very wrong and is she is open to more information and perspectives.

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