Acquaintance with the parents of the boy and girl

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Acquaintance with parents - how to please the parents of a guy and a girl?

When the candy-bouquet period ends in a couple’s relationship, and they move into a more serious stage of their development, the question arises of such an event as meeting their parents. It largely determines the future fate of the couple and the possibility of creating from it a full-fledged unit of society, that is, a family.

Getting to know your parents is the goal.

A few decades ago, the organization of a wedding for young people was completely taken over by the parents and bore both material and moral costs. And even if today the couple does not need such support and plans to take everything into their own hands, it will not be possible to bypass acquaintance with future closest relatives. Those who are interested in what they expect from meeting their parents should answer that at least an elementary approval of the choice of a son or daughter. No one wants to spoil a relationship from the very beginning, because this will invariably affect the relationship with a loved one.

How to meet a guy’s parents?

Before you go to a fateful meeting, it is recommended to ask your loved one in advance about the traditions adopted in the family, work and hobbies of the future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Being savvy in these matters is very beneficial, because it will help you avoid embarrassing situations and demonstrate your own interest, which will be flattering to the future grandparents. The first meeting with the guy’s parents is exciting for both parties, so awkward pauses and inappropriately spoken phrases will be a natural thing and you should not worry too much about this.

Rules for dating a guy’s parents

Those who are wondering how to meet the parents of a loved one should pay attention to the following rules:

  1. A young man should introduce you, but if for some reason he doesn’t, you need to say hello and introduce yourself. The girl must remember that the initiative for shaking hands or kissing with hugs must come from the other side.
  2. Acquaintance with the guy’s parents will go off with a bang, if you «catch the wave», that is, consider the emotional state of another person and try to adapt to it, talk with interlocutors in the same language.
  3. It is better to answer questions briefly and modestly, but praise for the son of those to whom you came is only welcome.

first meeting with boyfriend's parents

How to please a guy’s parents?

The most important thing is not to go to extremes. Do not flatter, do not be rude and do not be embarrassed, but try to behave naturally, but at the same time restrained, openly and independently. Those who ask how to please their boyfriend’s parents should just try to put themselves in their shoes. Who would they like to see next to their son? A kind, loving girl, for whom the main thing is family and family values. The latter presuppose a respectful attitude towards parents, which is why it must be demonstrated.

Getting to know the boyfriend’s parents — tips

The well-known expression “meet by clothes” in this case works like never before. And even if a girl considers herself a member of some subculture and spits on the rules of etiquette, for the sake of a loved one, you should choose something from the classics for a meeting, best of all a dress. So getting to know the parents, how to dress in this case is already clear, will receive a favorable tone and involuntarily set the adult half of those present positively towards the girl.

Here are some other tips to help create a good first impression:

  1. If the guy’s mother sets the table in front of you, offer to help, but don’t be too intrusive.
  2. Any woman considers herself a good housewife and cook, so it will not be superfluous to praise some dish and ask for the recipe. Little by little, but it is better to try everything that will be offered.
  3. Of several types of alcoholic beverages, it is better to choose the lightest — wine. And never abuse it.

How to meet a girl’s parents?

Most of the advice given above is relevant here, but if the guy’s parents are more concerned about the housekeeping of the future daughter-in-law, then the girl’s parents are more interested in the viability and independence of the young man — his profession, work features. And while they won’t have special wage requirements, they should make sure their daughter doesn’t need anything. Therefore, the first acquaintance with the girl’s parents should in a favorable light demonstrate the best qualities of a contender for the hand and heart of their daughter.

how to please your boyfriend's parents

Rules for dating a girl’s parents

So that the first meeting with parents does not end in failure, it is recommended to follow the following rules:

  1. Try to join their company, catch the mood. If it is customary in the family to joke, you can tell a couple of jokes, and if the work of poets or composers that is unfamiliar to you is discussed at the table, you just need to express sincere interest.
  2. All questions must be answered firmly and confidently, and if they are interested in an opinion on any issue, then it is worth expressing their point of view, but not being too zealous and provoking an argument.
  3. Getting to know the girl’s parents will be successful if the guy shows that he loves their daughter and intends to make her happy. It would not be superfluous to talk about plans for the future, to demonstrate your best sides, but not to praise yourself.

How to please a girl’s parents?

You can make an impression with your neat and tidy appearance. Those who are interested in how to please their parents need to remember that a girl’s mother is primarily a woman and appreciates attention. Do not skimp on compliments, but do not flatter. The father will pay attention to masculine qualities — the ability to do men’s housework, stand up for himself and his loved ones. It is easier for men to find a common language, and if you know about the hobbies of the future father-in-law, then by asking him questions, it is always easy to bring him to frankness and learn more about each other.

Getting to know the girl’s parents — tips

Going to meet your parents, in both cases, it is worth presenting some kind of present. It should not be intimate and purely personal. It is better to give something for the house. If you have to meet your parents, you don’t know what to bring, then you won’t lose if you buy flowers for your future mother-in-law and take a bottle of alcohol with you. It is better to find out from the girl in advance what is customary to drink in their family and buy such a drink.

In general, you should try to behave naturally and naturally, without trying to please and please everyone, because this is impossible. Even if the first impression of meeting your parents is blurred or spoiled, respectful attitude should be the main trump card. Indeed, even in this situation, there is an opportunity to improve in the future and earn the love of the relatives of a loved one, if you want to go through life with him further.


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