Compliments to a guy about appearance, character, sexy and unusual options

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Compliments to a guy - is it worth it to say, what words to choose, how to make a compliment?

Praise is one of the best ways to win a woman over. Few people know that you need to compliment a guy. Psychologists say that the male part of the population also loves it. The girl needs to approach this responsibly so as not to spoil anything.

Should I compliment a guy?

From childhood, boys are taught self-confidence, that you can’t show off your appearance or masculinity, to show off your skills to everyone. Because of this, for many women, the question arises whether it is worth praising a man. Pleasant words to the guy must be said. This will not only cheer him up, but also increase self-esteem, improve well-being.

best compliments for boyfriend

What compliments can you say to a guy?

Before you say something nice, you need to understand what a person might like. It is very important to observe a man in order to figure out what is valuable to him. The words about professionalism do not raise doubts, but it is worth finding something else. After clarifying, you need to choose the right words to correctly express the thought. Meaningful text will appeal to your chosen one.

Compliments to your beloved guy should be said so that he understands that he is a close and dear person. You need to show this with intonation and a gentle voice. In any case, a man will like pleasant words, especially if he loves and appreciates you. Getting to know the chosen one closer, you can notice even more positive aspects in him.

Compliments for a guy about his appearance

Almost all males react very doubtfully to words about their appearance. Those qualities that will be important for women do not matter to them. No need to talk about plump lips or slender, long legs. It is necessary to emphasize only masculine qualities: strength, physical fitness, endurance. It is quite possible to use such pleasant words:

  • you have such strong hands;
  • what a great, inflated body;
  • your smile is just crazy;
  • you are in great shape;
  • your eyes are so beautiful that you want to drown in them;
  • I feel next to you, like behind a stone wall.

Beautiful compliments to a guy must be spoken sincerely, from the bottom of his heart. In most cases, men are very fond of specifics, especially if you are very close to him. Unexpected praise will not put him in an awkward position. It is important that the young man does not think that he is being told a lie.

Compliments to a guy about character

Pleasant words should always reflect reality. The guy will appreciate the praise only when it matches his merits. It is worth noting only about the beautiful style and taste, but also about many other things. Cute compliments to a guy about his character will be unexpected and pleasant. In most cases, the words come to mind on their own. You can say, for example, «You are very kind, gentle, always understand me» or «It’s so easy and simple with you.» This will help to point out to a man his dignity.

To generally understand what kind of compliments guys like, you need to know the person to whom you are going to say affectionate words. It will not work to say this to someone with whom you have known for several days, since the real image of a man will be completely alien. Don’t rush things, everything has its time.

compliments to a guy about character

Sexy compliments for a guy

During intimacy, it is important to be attentive and pay attention to what you say. At such moments, admiration and desire must be conveyed in words. It is only necessary to do this in such a way that they are true. Various compliments are suitable for male representatives, for example, you can use the following phrases:

  • your voice turns me on;
  • only with you I could feel like a real woman;
  • the night with you was magical and unforgettable;
  • your caresses are crazy;
  • being close to you is wonderful.

Compliments to a guy are not always just short and simple phrases. You can say pleasant words in long sentences or, for example, in prose. This will rather cause admiration in the eyes of the chosen one. In some cases, the text of simple classics will help, but it is best to compose something original yourself.

Unusual compliments for a guy

In most cases, women say something monotonous and often repeated to men. In order for males to receive an ocean of incredible emotions, you need to say something special, something that will remain in your memory for a long time. For this, it is important for a girl to pay special attention to the chosen one. You can say things like:

  • my world becomes brighter when you are near me;
  • you fulfill my wishes — a real magician;
  • the ideal of a man does not yet exist, but you will be the first;
  • for me, a holiday is a day when you are near;
  • your kisses inspire me.

Saying the best compliments to a guy is an art for any woman. If you invent and pronounce them in your own words, then you can hit right on target. In case of any doubts, it is better to think it over so as not to offend your man. Do not skimp on pleasant, gentle words addressed to the chosen one.

unusual compliments for a guy

How to compliment a guy?

Any man will be pleased to receive praise, especially from his woman. This will help him become more confident, give strength and inspiration. It is very important to say everything correctly and not offend anything. Not everyone knows how to praise a man. To do everything right, you need:

  1. Talk about those virtues that correspond to reality. Don’t invent something that doesn’t exist. It is foolish, for example, to call a skinny figure inflated. Praise the man for his features.
  2. Control your facial expressions. When you say nice compliments to a guy, keep the right facial expression as well. It should not have a smirk or an unpleasant look.
  3. Choose one, but the exact value. Say only such words and phrases that the guy can understand immediately.

How to compliment a guy over text?

When a young man is not around, but you want to cheer him up or just please him, you can use your cell phone to send SMS. This is an opportunity to speak beautiful and pleasant words not only out loud, but also in writing. This method provides many advantages. For example, if a loved one is going to an interview or a business meeting, support him, emphasize intelligence and prudence.

It is very important to know what compliment can be given to a pen pal. Behind every successful man is a wise woman. This is not just said, you need to become like that. Let your loved one feel supported. Use these simple phrases:

  • I believe in you;
  • you will succeed, you are the best;
  • I am proud of your success;
  • you are an example for many;
  • I don’t doubt you for a minute.


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