Does love exist?

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does love exist

Everyone has their own opinion about whether love really exists. Almost everyone gives an affirmative answer to a similar question, but at the same time, each person puts a completely different meaning into this concept. That is why the question of love can be considered rhetorical, to which it is impossible to give one specific answer.

Does true love exist?

Scientists have been researching this topic for many years, and they managed to make several important discoveries. For example, it only takes half a minute to fall in love. That is why the opinion about the existence of love at first sight is quite the place to be. Any relationship begins with a period of falling in love, which occurs exclusively at the hormonal level. This time is characterized by such sensations: increased emotionality, passion, increased sexual desire, etc. The period of falling in love lasts from 12 to 17 months.

Understanding the topic of whether there is mutual love, it is worth noting that with age a person changes his mind about this. If initially everything is built exclusively on the physiological level, then after that emotions, sensations, etc. begin to play a big role. According to psychologists, love cannot exist without three important components: friendship, passion and respect. In addition, there is a theory that in order for a relationship to be called love, it must go through seven different stages. Many people experience disappointment, they are betrayed, and this ultimately leads to the conclusion that love does not exist and that it is all just attachment.

Psychologists say that, despite the fact that many people call love a feeling, in fact, this is a huge «work» of people who want to build strong and lasting relationships.

Scientists conducted experiments, understanding whether love exists for life or is it just a myth. As a result, it was concluded that the sensations does true love existarising to a person at the first stages of a relationship, can persist for many years. The experiment consisted in the fact that people were shown photographs of their second halves and observed the processes taking place in the body. At this point, they activated the process of producing dopamine, the neurotransmitter of pleasure. A similar experiment was conducted among couples who had been together for an average of 15 years. As a result, it turned out that photographs of the second halves caused them all the same feelings and the production of dopamine. Many people, thinking about whether ideal love exists, talk about the feelings they have for their mother and vice versa. It is these sensations that are uncontrollable and arise by themselves. They cannot be killed or destroyed, they are eternal.


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