How to ask for forgiveness from loved ones

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How to ask for forgiveness from loved ones

It seems humiliating. In response, you can get reproaches or silence. But let’s look at pets. Having played pranks, they know how to arouse in us a desire to reconcile without words. It is impossible not to forgive them. Similarly, a person who admits mistakes is beautiful internally. In The Last Lecture, Randy Push explains that a good apology has 3 parts. And it certainly leads to results.
Animals exemplify


Admit that what you did was wrong. It’s important to say it out loud. If the other person is offended, he is overwhelmed with emotions. Recognition will extinguish these emotions and turn a person’s thoughts in a different direction.
Say that you are upset that you offended the interlocutor. The man himself is upset. With words, you confirm that it is not easy for you either, that you understand the situation and the experiences associated with it.
Ask how to make amends. The interlocutor will have no reason to sulk at you. Because you are doing your best.


It is possible that you will not be forgiven immediately because of an excess of emotions. After all, you are preparing in advance for a conversation, but the other side at this moment may not be ready. Be patient. A day or several days will pass, a person will come up to you and also ask for forgiveness if he sees his fault in something. Don’t be upset if you have to wait a long time.

Useful advice

Be sincere and sincere. Never ask for forgiveness formally, just to say the words. Wake up your heart, then the heart of the interlocutor will respond.

Keep in mind that some people do not want to forgive — out of principle, out of harm. The nature of upbringing may have an effect. Just forget about this case. Your heart is cleansed. Time will pass, the person will also thaw.

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