How to be gentle with a girl

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How to be gentle with a girl

Sometimes between a guy and girl there is a misunderstanding literally out of the blue. What is the reason for the discontent that is reflected on the face of the girl? The thing is that men and women evaluate different manifestations of feelings in different ways. If understanding and fidelity of a girlfriend is important for a man, then for a woman, an ideal romantic relationship is unthinkable without tenderness.
How to be gentle with a girl


Try to show more tenderness when communicating, call your girlfriend by name more often, and even better, come up with some diminutive word that will be intended only for her. A kitten and the sun, a baby or a bunny — here you are free to fantasize as you like. The main thing is that the girl likes it.
Girls are refined natures; the rough style of communication adopted in a male company is not suitable for them. Therefore, try to show tenderness in everyday communication. If you do not forget to ask how she is doing and mood, how she slept and what she dreams about, you will easily be able to avoid disappointing accusations of callousness.
Be gentle not only in words. Grab a friend’s hand as you walk through the park. Or hug when you watch a movie. After all, girls so want to feel a strong male hand. And of course, don’t forget the kisses. A gentle kiss at a meeting and at parting, and just like that, for a good mood, will become a magic key to fulfilling your requests and a good mood for a friend.
Show tenderness in caresses. Give your girlfriend a relaxing massage or just gently stroke her hair. And she definitely will not doubt that you are the most gentle guy in the world. The main thing is not to overdo it. Women love gentle men, but they don’t like it when a man becomes a slob. If you manage to catch this fine line between tenderness and purely masculine firmness, you will be irresistible in the eyes of your girlfriend.

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