How to bewitch an ex

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How to bewitch an ex

Love is a wonderful light feeling. Lovers soar above the ground, not noticing anything. But sadly, love can leave with a broken heart. The most desperate girls decide on the most desperate step — the magic love spell of their former lover.
How to bewitch an ex


Contrary to popular belief, you can perform a love spell on your own. The simplest and most popular love spell is a love spell from a photograph. For the procedure, you need a photo of the former and his name.
Wrap the photo in a red rag along with a coin.

The bundle must be wrapped with red thread, read the plot and hidden in an inaccessible place. You need to read the following words: “Grandfather Kulek was looking for my bundle, I was looking, I was looking, but I just miscalculated. He did not find anything, but he was shaking: Hands, legs do not bend, bones are shaking. The veins are naughty, they don’t order to eat or drink. Let, like grandfather Kulek, be my dear. Without me — in shaking, with me — in a dance, Without me, food is a quinoa, with me — sweeter than honey, Without me — my head hurts, the light is not visible, With me — the sun is clear, things are wonderful. Whoever finds the bundle will break the words, And before that — my happiness! Amen».

Another popular conspiracy is a love spell on a comb.

It is necessary to stealthily remove the hair from the comb of the former lover, roll it into a ball and carry it with you until the plan comes true.

You can bewitch the former with the help of a conspiracy on a towel.

To do this, you need to take a new towel, make it so that only your loved one can use it, then immediately hide it, reading the following words: “My dear, I washed my hands, I left them on the towel. I’ll twist the towel — I’ll pinch my dear heart. The towel is damp — the soul of the dear one aches for me, To dry the towel — the dear one sighs for me. I’ll hide the towel — I’ll stick my dear to me. They won’t untie the towel — my dear one will show me love.

Another option for a love spell is a conspiracy for wine, milk or water, preferably holy. In this case, love words are read over a glass of drink, then the beloved man should be offered to drink the liquid.
But remember that a love spell is a responsible matter, so you need to take it seriously.

Useful advice

A love spell is a desperate measure and an extreme step. All religions of the world deny and condemn such acts, considering them a great sin, so think about whether you need to do what you have planned

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