How to confess to a boy in love

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How to confess to a boy in love

How hard it is to confess love boywho likes first. Girls believe that the boy should take the first step, but how will he know that it needs to be done specifically for you if you don’t even pretend that you care about him. After all, boys are also very vulnerable and insecure people when it comes to recognition in love. Sometimes a girl herself has to confess her feelings, overcoming shyness and fear of ridicule, because the feeling of attraction is stronger than any fears.
How to confess to a boy in love


If you still decide to confess to him love directly, looking into the eyes, then you should not do this publicly, with a large crowd of people, because recognition is very personal. And the fragile sprout of reciprocal feelings can be destroyed if someone decides to laugh at your couple.
Shouldn’t be confessing loveif he is in a bad mood, or he is very busy with some business, you can make him angry just by distracting him, and it doesn’t matter that he may also love you, the moment will be ruined.
You can invite him for a walk or ask for a meeting under any pretext and already there say the cherished three words.
You can confess to him love on the Internet by sending a postcard explaining to love or SMS. In this case, it is better to write without calling him by name. If he was also embarrassed to confess, he will be glad, but if he is indifferent, then you can say that this message was intended for another boy.
The most shy girls confess to loveby posting an anonymous note boy. But this way he may not find out who wrote it, or push him to another girl. It’s better to sign a gentle letter.
Drop: «I love you!» — in a normal conversation with him, for example, asking him to help you prepare for a test. Don’t be upset if he says no. Just say that you wanted to check how the guy you really like might react to such a confession, and now you were just rehearsing.

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