How to deal with change

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How to deal with change

Each of us perceives change differently. First of all, it is perceived as a betrayal of a loved one. Because of it, families are crumbling and people’s lives are changing.
How to deal with change


Forget revenge. Behave decently. Only then will you be able to respect yourself in the future. If you need to throw out your negative emotions, use some object, such as a pillow, into which you can scream.
Decide for yourself whether you are going to save the relationship or not. Your future behavior depends on this decision. As painful as a breakup may seem, it may be the only way out of the situation.
However, if your feelings have not cooled down yet, it is worth trying to rekindle the fire of love. How to do it? This is only possible if you can forgive the cheater. Insincere and incomplete forgiveness will also lead to a breakup. Only in this case, you will have to go through depression and family conflicts.
So, you were able to forgive treason. Talk to your loved one, try to understand his act. Understanding will be the key to your joint next steps. At the stage of forgiveness and understanding, you will most likely need to resort to help. Will it be a psychoanalyst or a reliable friend — it does not matter. The main thing is that he can listen to you and keep what he heard a secret.
Find out the reason for the action. Most often, psychologists call boredom and monotony the cause. Root them out of your life. Change your image, change your place of residence, start a hobby, acquire new habits — anything that will give newness and sharpness to your feelings will do.
Give each other more attention. Remember how happy you once were. And then for this it was necessary only the presence of a loved one.

No matter how you feel about betrayaleither way, the decision is up to you.

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