How to determine your temperament

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How to determine your temperament

Temperament — these are the innate characteristics of a person that determine his character. If you determine your temperament, you will know your strengths and weaknesses.

Temperament knowledge will allow you to use your strengths and neutralize your weaknesses. You will also better understand other people because you will know the hidden mechanisms of their decisions and actions.

How to determine your temperament


Determine your temperament by observing yourself.

You easily adapt to new surroundings. You control your emotions well, willingly take on new things. You have a smooth and confident gait, your movements are light and fast. You speak well and clearly. You have good posture and expressive gestures. At the same time, you are quickly distracted from business. As soon as the novelty of sensations disappears, you become indifferent and lethargic. If this is about you, you are a sanguine person.

You are excitable and unbalanced. You are overly mobile, your feelings are very strong and manifest vividly. You take on new cases with great ardor, and give yourself completely to them, but at the same time you inadequately evaluate your strengths, so things often remain unfinished. You have a hurried, often confused speech. It is not easy for you to sit in one place, so you often jump up or change positions. And is it all about you? You are a choleric.
You are passive and easily vulnerable. You experience embarrassment in the company of strangers. You are immersed in yourself, prefer a calm and well-known environment. Your feelings are deep and constant. You have a restrained but quick gait. Your speech is slow, often halting. Is it very similar to you? You are a melancholic.
You are persistent and persistent. It’s hard to get you off balance. You are stingy with emotions, very thorough and reliable. You slowly converge with people, and slowly switch to a new kind of work. Your gait is slow. You can maintain the same posture for a long time. Your speech is unhurried, you are generally not talkative, you do not like idle chatter. Did you recognize yourself? You are phlegmatic.
If you have not been able to independently determine your temperament, use one of the many tests to determine temperament. There are a great many of them on the Internet. To find such a test, you just need to type the phrase in any search engine: «Test for determining temperament.» Please note that there are online tests and tests in which you will process the results yourself.

And remember, there are no good or bad temperaments. Each temperament has its strengths and weaknesses. You just need to use the features of your character correctly.


Temperament determines and ensures the speed, strength and balance of our reactions. It manifests itself in thinking, speech, manner of communication. At the same time, temperament does not affect interests, success, intelligence, business qualities — here a person is able to independently develop inclinations, turn them into abilities or forget about them.

Useful advice

Temperament comes from the Latin word «temperamentum», which means «proper proportion of parts.» In modern psychology, temperament is understood as a characteristic of a person depending on the dynamic characteristics of his psyche. The main criteria by which a person’s temperament can be determined are: the general activity of the individual, motor manifestations or motor skills, as well as emotionality and expression of feelings.

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