How to develop mindfulness

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How to develop mindfulness

An unfortunate inattention can become a big obstacle in the way of any person and deprive him of many opportunities. The excuse “I’m just inattentive” is hardly a worthy excuse, so start tuning your attention now.
Get rid of all the distractions and focus on business


Eliminate the habit of pretending to listen when in fact your thoughts are far from the subject of the conversation. This can be due to several reasons, for example, you think that what is being said is already known to you, or you listen with half an ear and go about your business. All this reduces your attentiveness even in those cases when you really need it.
Try to fully concentrate on the object, while putting aside all other things, exclude possible interference in the form of extraneous sounds or conversations of several people in one voice.
When doing business, organize your workspace in such a way that all important things are always at your fingertips, and the place itself is comfortable. Being distracted by searching for the right one or by correcting the staggering legs of the table, you lose your precious attention.
It is important to be well-rested and well-rested, so sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, and during working hours, at the first appearance of fatigue, postpone work. While resting, do some relaxation exercises, take a few minutes to walk, or just look out the window at the greenery and the sky.
Limit the emotional perception of any information, trying, first of all, to catch its meaning.
Get yourself a diary and a notepad where you record your planned tasks and meetings, as well as information that you can’t forget.
Get into the habit of re-reading and checking your work several times. It can be a letter before sending it or an article just written. There is no need to hurry in such matters, but thanks to this skill, you will significantly increase your performance.
Feel free to ask questions. This contributes to both the development of intelligence and mindfulness, because it is at this moment that you more clearly fix the information in your brain and delve into its essence.
There are many mindfulness exercises and games, and many of them are familiar to us from childhood. For example, drawings to find several differences.
Learn to perceive information auditorily, since, visually presented, it requires less concentration. Such relaxation deprives attention, while speaking out loud disciplines, quickly turns on perception, and you delve into the information in the same second.

Attention, only TODAY!

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