How to diversify sex with your husband?

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how to diversify sex with your husband

Often you can find situations where the sex of the spouses becomes something ordinary and uninteresting. A monotonous intimate life will soon bother both of you and relationship problems may arise, which is why you should think about how to diversify sex with your husband in order to bring new sensations and resume sexual attraction to each other. An important rule is to get rid of prejudices. Believe me, couples who do not have psychological barriers are able to enjoy even in a classic position, the main thing is mutual understanding and readiness at any moment.

Good enough in the question of how to diversify your sex life with your husband, a variety of clothes helps. Often, it is the appearance of the chosen one that can excite a man. We recommend wearing seductive thongs, garters, a belt and stockings — this is one of the win-win options. Such an outfit can pleasantly surprise a man, especially if it is a surprise. Bunny, cat or butterfly costumes also turn on representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Another method of how to diversify intimate life in marriage is to use erotic bondage. This art is very popular in Japan and is called shibari. By tying your chosen one, you can caress him to such a state until he begins to beg you for release. A game of this kind helps both partners to be more liberated, but it is important to discuss all the rules in advance and follow them.

The use of an eye patch greatly increases sensitivity and can be used alongside shibari. The bandage will allow you to develop more trust in each other and explore all the erogenous zones of both partners to the maximum, learn to give more pleasure.

Well, in the question of how to diversify intimate family life, watching relevant films helps. It can be both beautiful erotica and frank porn. Watching the video, you can pause and repeat everything that the main characters did on the screen, the main thing is to discard all complexes and prejudices from your head, only then you can reveal yourself in terms of sex.

The use of sex toys will also have a positive effect on your intimate life. The husband will be able to please his wife not only with his hands, lips, but also with a vibrator. The use of all this at once can cause not only strong excitement, but also a very violent orgasm in a representative of the weak half of humanity. A husband can caress his girlfriend’s clitoris with his lips, gradually inserting a vibrator into her vagina. Bright and pleasant emotions will cause light stroking of the partner’s small labia in the process.

How to diversify family life — psychology

But if your significant other refuses such ways to make sex brighter, try to approach the issue from the other side. It is enough to talk about this topic, because there is nothing more intimate than talking about sexual relations. Trust each other. A woman should never forget about herself and that a man is a hunter by nature, respectively, she is for himhow to diversify family sex — an object of sexual desire. So that the desire of the spouse is always present, do not expose yourself to him once again, because it is not for nothing that there is a saying: “The forbidden fruit is sweet,” and keep a small distance, the husband will have more interest in pestering you. In the question of how to diversify family sex, flirting with your spouse can also help you. Let a man feel that for his chosen one he is not just a physical force, but an object of desire. Jealousy can add fire to a relationship. Any representative of the strong half of humanity will be proud that his chosen one is of interest to other men.


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