How to fall in love with a person?

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how to make someone fall in love with you

When sympathy for another person is born in our soul, we want this feeling to be mutual. Every woman has an innate ability to coquetry and seduce a person of the opposite sex. However, this is not enough for the appearance of mutual warm feelings. Psychology offers us a lot of advice on how to fall in love with a person. But before you use them, you should think again, is it worth falling in love with this particular man?

How to fall in love with a person?

Writers, poets and romantics argue that love is a feeling that comes from nowhere and cannot be controlled. However, psychologists are sure that the appearance of love experiences in each case is justified and determined by a person’s life experience, his character and behavior. That is, having some information about a person, you can fall in love with him.

The psychology of communication gives such recommendations on how to fall in love with a person:

  1. It is necessary to find something that unites two people. It can be hobbies, desires, work, life experience. The more similarities, the better, because people who are similar in spirit are attracted more strongly. After that, you need to show the man these similarities. Of course, this must be done unobtrusively, as if by chance. However, the similarities must be real, otherwise he will not believe in them.
  2. An important point for those who are looking for how to fall in love with a person at a distance is the manifestation of genuine interest in him. A person should feel that he is interesting by his character, behavior, thinking. To do this, you need to learn to ask questions that support the conversation and cause a desire to communicate further.
  3. It is important to understand what exactly a man likes in a woman’s appearance and try to emphasize these details in yourself.
  4. During a conversation, it is useful to use the principle of mirroring. It consists in repeating postures, gestures, and even speech speed and intonation after a man. This must be done gently and naturally.
  5. Each person prefers to be close to those with whom he feels easy and free. Therefore, an important component of how to fall in love with a young man is to create a comfortable environment. The relaxation of the girl, her relaxed tone, laughter and sincerity help the man feel at ease and comfortable, which increases the chances that he will want to be in this environment again.


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