How to fall in love with yourself in 10 days

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How to fall in love with yourself in 10 days

You can achieve happiness in just 10 days! And quite simply. All men, in principle, are standard creatures, so it is not difficult to win them over. The main thing is to show interest, friendliness and, of course, perseverance.
How to fall in love with yourself in 10 days


The first day. your meeting. The very first task is to make eye contact. Try to look him in the eyes often in a playful and mysterious way. Do not forget to leave in his memory the feeling of your touch. Lightly touch him during the conversation. On the first day, you should limit yourself to a kiss on the corner of the lips, and, even better, on the cheek.
Second day. To fall in love with him, on this day it is better not to see him. Let there be a short break. Replace your communication on this day with flirting on the phone or skype.
Day three and day four. Spend these two days as he would like. In his favorite place and for his favorite pastime. Let him enjoy it all with you. These days, you can move on to kissing on the lips, but without demonstrations of insane passion.
Day five and day six. These days, try to surprise him with something, be unpredictable. Men love and appreciate it. Give him as many compliments as possible these days. Men hear them much less often than we do, so these compliments have a much stronger effect on them. Emphasize his personality. It is especially worth noting what a man is proud of himself: his body, business, car, etc.
Day seven and day eight. If by this time you have already met his friends, then you must definitely speak well of them. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions and feelings. Be as sincere and open as possible.
Day nine and ten. Cancel other meetings for the sake of meeting with the chosen one (of course, so that he knows about it), emphasizing that your meeting is much more important to you. Never impose yourself, even if in the following days of a date, he appoints you himself.

The tenth day has come and for sure he is already in love with you!

Attention, only TODAY!

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