How to find a father

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How to find a father

Find your father almost all those who grew up in an incomplete family or were brought up in an orphanage dream. No matter how old a person is, at any age he may need to see a parent. Perhaps in order to tell dad everything that has boiled over the years. Or vice versa, to try to build a relationship. However, whatever the reason, the main thing is to find a person who is related by blood in this vast world.
Sometimes old family photos can help you find your father.
Gather all possible information about the father. Don’t hesitate to ask your mother, even if she doesn’t like the thought of her ex-husband or longtime partner. Calmly but confidently explain to her and other relatives that it is important for you to get to know the biological parent. If your mother is dead or far away, ask your grandparents, aunts and uncles, your mother’s friends, even neighbors. In a word, all those who witnessed her youth and can remember something important about your father.
If you know specific information father, for example, his city of residence, first and last name, contact the information services to find out the phone. Find a city forum: many of them have sections «looking for a person», and there you can leave your request. You can also advertise in local newspapers.
Contact the nationwide «Wait for me» service. If you have a photo fatheryou can come with her to the filming site of the program: if you are shown in the frame with this photo, it is likely that if not the father himself, then some of his acquaintances will see your message about the search.


— all information about the biological parents of a child left in the care of the state, or adopted (taken under guardianship, into an adoptive family) is stored in the guardianship and guardianship authorities of the city or district in which the orphanage was located.

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— you can find out if your father is looking for you by filling out a virtual search form on the website of the nationwide service «Wait for me»

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