How to find a grave

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How to find a grave

To create your own family tree, search for family ties, or simply when looking for a deceased relative, you need to find burialwhich may be several decades old. Currently, there are several options for finding the burial place of the deceased.
How to find a grave


Search through posthumous documents. To find a person’s burial place using a post-mortem report, such as a death certificate, you must at least know the person’s full name, the approximate year of death, and the place (state, city) of death.
Search in church records. To find the place of burial of a person in a church death register, you must know the name of the person and the name of the church where the ceremony was performed, or the name of the clergyman who performed the ritual and is recorded in the church death register.
To find a person’s place of burial in an obituary, one needs to know the approximate date of death, the full name of the person at the time of death, and the state (city) where the death occurred (where the obituary was probably issued).
military reports. To find a person’s burial place on a military record, you must know the veteran’s name, branch of service such as the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, state, and date of hostilities during which the veteran served. If your period of service was after 1916, you should also know your enlistment and graduation dates, military identification number, social security number, and date of birth.
Family histories and biographies. They can list the places of burial. To get a copy of a family history or biography, you need to know the person’s full name and the approximate area (state or county) in which the person may have lived.
Cemeteries and cemetery records. To find a burial site in cemetery records, you must know the person’s name, date of death, and where they last lived, as well as the place of death to determine the possible area of ​​their burial.

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