How to find the right man

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How to find the right man

Usually those who intend to answer the question «How to find a suitable man? emphasize the first and second words and begin to give advice on how to find, what tricks to find, and finally where to find. In the meantime, the woman who asked this question, most likely, wants to hear the answer with an emphasis on the word «suitable.» That is, how to determine man, which would suit her both physically, and in spirit, and in looks. With whom it would not be scary «both in sorrow and in joy.» Psychologists reveal some techniques by which you can find a suitable man.
How to find the right man


Comparison with father. They say that every girl involuntarily, and sometimes just subconsciously, compares her partner with her father. If the father was an authority during her childhood, the element of comparison is intensified. For example, if her father is from silent people, those who prefer to talk less and do more, then in a partner she will most likely be annoyed by such character traits as talkativeness, fussiness, a desire to please and make laugh (attention! — at first this maybe even like it). If respect for the father and the weight of his authority remained unshakable, despite the years, the best way out is to seek manresembling his father. Perhaps this way you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises from your partner.
Make repairs to it. There is some common sense in this advice-joke. Those couples who have been living together for several years, behind whom this phenomenon happened at least once, know what they are talking about. Indeed, a real repair is like a natural disaster, a cataclysm, or even a war between two worlds. He is very clear about who is who. There is either mutual understanding and friendly relations, or the struggle of two opposites and hostility. In the first case, this is your man, with whom nothing is scary (even repairs), in the second — alas … Psychologists half-jokingly call repairs a mirror of the true relationship of partners.
Pheromone test. Pheromones are called sexual aromas produced by the human body. It is known that each person has their own body odor. And a small vomeronasal organ (VNO), located in a person’s nose, vividly “informs” the owner whether this person is suitable for him or not. Noticed? Sometimes you seem to like a man, and everything is already moving towards rapprochement, and suddenly, as if some kind of bell in your soul, the lights out sang, and you are moving away from intimacy. This is not your man. Intuition, based on the pheromones emanating from him, did its job. Doctors and psychologists advise not to ignore such signals, because they come from the subconscious, and everything that happens there is laid down by wise nature.
Learn to listen. If your relationship is just starting to develop, try to talk less about yourself and mostly listen to him. Cheer him up, try not to be surprised at anything, show interest in his stories about yourself. The more you learn about it, the more you will be able to form your own idea of ​​it. Compare your desires and aspirations with his, find out his attitude to what is happening around, to money, to religion, to culture, to sex, to the concepts of love and friendship, etc. Try to determine how compatible his life assessments, priorities and goals are with yours. Now draw your own conclusions.
Imagine for a moment that the man who is next to you now is your husband. Or that tomorrow you have to go to the registry office. Give yourself an honest answer to the question “Am I ready to live with him for a long time, give birth to children from him and grow old together?”. If in doubt, analyze them. And if your answer to yourself is still «no», do not waste time, leave it man and keep looking for your true soul mate.

Useful advice

When evaluating “This is my man” or “This is not my man”, do not rush. Give yourself and him a chance. Better two or three. There is a category of people who are not revealed immediately. At the beginning of a relationship, they are constrained, not ready to go to the revelation and open their souls. And there are, on the contrary, those who, in a fit of desire to make a good impression immediately, are overly vain and talkative. Both of them need time. Be patient, give it to them. Just do not forget at the same time about your main goal — to get a real opportunity to see a man as he is in life, and only after that decide.

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