How to flirt with a guy?

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How to flirt with a guy

Flirting is a way to attract the attention of a representative of the opposite sex, arouse his interest and desire to get to know each other better. But despite the fact that flirting itself always involves a slight amount of frivolity, it can often develop into a serious relationship. However, flirting with a guy should not be taken solely as a way to get married, because, first of all, this is an exciting game that helps you always keep yourself “in good shape” and feel your own attractiveness. Today, pickup courses are especially popular with many girls, where participants are introduced to the basic secrets of seduction. Some of the basic pickup rules will be suggested in this article.

How to flirt with a guy, learn the basics:

  1. In order to arouse interest in someone, you yourself must become an interesting person. And the point here is far from external attractiveness, but the ability to correctly present oneself.
  2. In order for someone to be able to feel sympathy for you, you yourself must love yourself. In other words, you must learn to perceive yourself as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. All ages are submissive to love, so you can learn the art of flirting equally at 16 and at 40, the main thing is to have a desire to learn something new.
  4. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. If you decide to start a new life, do it without delay, right tomorrow. Sign up for dances, go to the gym, get an original manicure or use any other way to please yourself and increase your own self-esteem.

The art of flirting with a guy, where to start?

If you are hesitant to talk to a stranger on the street just because you are afraid of seeming stupid or overly intrusive, you, first of all, will have to learn to overcome your own indecision. To do this, make it a rule to strike up a conversation with a random passer-by at least once a day. And soon you will see that this is much easier than it seems at first. Here are some powerful conversation starters: “This is my first time in this part of town, can you tell me how to find a pharmacy/tailor/service center?” or “I missed the bus, do you know when the next one is?”, “They told me that there is a library somewhere…”

After such conversations stop scaring you, move on to a more difficult task: the ability to translate the conversation into the direction you need. For example, after answering the question: “What time is it?”, as it were, by the way, notice that “today you are dangling all day like a squirrel in a wheel, but you didn’t manage to do anything” or drop any other phrase hinting at that you are not averse to switching to an informal style of conversation.

If your interlocutor is in a favorable mood, he will gladly support the game. However, if this does not happen, do not be upset. Many girls who do not know how to flirt with a guy correctly get lost in such a situation and immediately close in on themselves. Don’t do it, it’s not your fault. If you fail, put on a dazzling smile, thank the stranger for their help, and calmly go about your business.

How to learn to flirt with guys, a few more secrets:

    How to flirt with a guy

  • Read a lot in order to always be an interesting conversationalist. Be always up to date with the latest events in the world of music, cinema, politics and economics;
  • always be yourself. In order to please a man, it is not at all necessary to appear before him in the role of a fatal temptress;
  • know how to listen without interrupting. Any guy likes to be listened to attentively and with genuine interest. To show interest, you can sometimes ask the interlocutor leading questions, comment on some of his words;
  • say compliments. However, in this matter, you need to observe the measure, because sometimes praise can sound like flattery.


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