How to forgive the betrayal of a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend?

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How to forgive betrayal and build a relationship from the beginning?

The betrayal of a loved one is always unexpected and painful. How to forgive betrayal when the pain is so strong that other feelings are added to it: indignation, anger, resentment, disgust? For some, betrayal is an irreversible collapse of relationships, for others, a test of feelings and a more careful attitude towards each other than it was before the betrayal.

Is cheating worth it?

Cheating is never perceived in a positive way, it is always a difficult moment for someone who has been cheated on. The feeling of betrayal and deceit does not allow you to look at the current situation with clear eyes, so more often you can hear the answer “no” to the question: is it necessary to forgive betrayal. Life shows that each situation with relationships is individual, and if there is something to fight for, if there is love left, it’s time to look at your relationship closely, carefully — which was the impetus for the second half to betray, because there are always two to blame.

When can cheating be forgiven?

The first shock has passed, and it is important to understand what to do next, to explain to yourself why you need to forgive betrayal in this case, or, conversely, it cannot be forgiven. There is a huge emptiness in the soul, and the feelings that were before the betrayal will no longer be the same, they will always bear the imprint of the experienced suffering. In what cases is it worth to forgive the betrayal of your soul mate:

  • if the thought of forgiveness has come, then subconsciously there is an understanding of this offense and there is strength for forgiveness;
  • a loved one sincerely repents;
  • there are small children in the family;
  • it happened once in a long period of being together;
  • betrayal occurred in a state of intoxication.

Is it possible to forgive betrayal?

Whether to forgive betrayal, everyone decides for himself, sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that betrayal puts an end to already complicated, tangled relationships — it is an indicator that something needs to be changed or, conversely, stopped completely. You should not rely on the advice of friends, but listen to what your mind says, then listen to your heart, give a voice to both and act from a mature internal decision that has already been formed.

How to forgive cheating husband?

Men cheat for many reasons, why this happens in a particular family, you need to figure it out. Some women, when marrying their faithful, know that he is a loving man who has a turbulent past, but they really hope that in marriage the husband will change and will not walk. This is a big delusion — as he was a walker, he will remain so, while he will love his missus, but hormones rule! Is it necessary to forgive the betrayal of a husband who does not even think of correcting himself, but each time swears that this is the last time?

More often, women come to terms with the betrayals of their lustful husband, comforting themselves with the fact that they are in their rightful place as a wife, unlike numerous mistresses. But when an exemplary family man suddenly breaks down and disappears with no one knows who, lies, and over time the truth is revealed, what to do, how to forgive adultery? Psychologists recommend:

  • give yourself time for anger, expression of feelings, get rid of all the emotions that cover;
  • find and look at the reason why the husband changed, what is it: sexual dissatisfaction, boredom, self-affirmation, lack of affection and attention, unsatisfied values;
  • ask your husband to explain his motives that pushed him to betray — if forgiveness is important to him, he will sincerely tell about it;
  • determine for yourself what actions and deeds on the part of the husband could restore trust, and betrayal would be forgiven;
  • let go of your resentment, this will help the memories of the joint years lived with many difficulties and joyful moments experienced together.

Is it worth it to forgive a cheating boyfriend?

Youth and youth are the time of search and choice, therefore betrayals are frequent and impulsive, and the feelings of young people are unstable. Modern youth does not rely on the values ​​​​that were until recently, so guys can have several girls at once who are not aware of each other for the time being, but betrayal is discovered, and the girl reasonably has a question: is it necessary to forgive betrayal? Psychologists advise girls to answer honestly to themselves the following points that will help you understand whether it is worth forgiving:

  • with this guy there is a moral, spiritual, sexual, emotional connection at a high level;
  • is it love or addiction;
  • there is a desire to build a family with this person in the future;
  • what binds you together with this guy, except for the desire to have a good time.

is it worth it to forgive a cheating boyfriend

How to forgive cheating wife?

It is believed that a woman’s betrayal is much more serious than a man’s, because a man more often just satisfies his sexual needs, without emotional involvement, and a woman is an emotional, amorous creature, for her cheating is a serious step, and the consequences are also serious. How to forgive the wife’s betrayal and live on, saving the family — a few tips:

  • call the wife to a sincere conversation and ask her to tell why this happened;
  • be prepared for the fact that an unpleasant truth will emerge, women in marriage often cheat because of insufficient attention to them, and on the side they are looking for those relationships that they lacked in the family;
  • give yourself time so that the rejection of the wife’s body after the betrayal is gone, psychotherapy can help with this;
  • if there is love for the wife, then forgiveness can take the relationship to a new level, and the wife will see even more value in this relationship.

How to forgive a cheating girl?

Impulsivity is a quality that often accompanies young people, regardless of their gender, and it often leads to infidelity, casual sex. Is it worth it to forgive the betrayal of a girl if the relationship is long-term, and there is a feeling of love and addiction? Everything is purely individual. If it turns out that the girl has other, also long-term relationships, which she hid here until the evidence came to light, the relationship is often doomed to failure, because only sincerity is the key to real feelings.

How to forgive cheating on a girl:

  • if she sincerely confessed herself and regrets what happened, then you need to give her a chance;
  • give yourself and her time to make a decision, for this to live separately, not to meet for a certain period of time;
  • if your dreams and goals for the future are the same, it is worth trying to be together, and this situation can even strengthen the relationship.

how to forgive a cheating girl

How to forgive yourself for betrayal?

Women very often, having come to their senses after the betrayal of a loved one, begin to engage in self-flagellation. How to forgive betrayal of yourself, because this is not a banal deception, but a betrayal of your own principles? Psychologists answer the question of women whether to forgive betrayal of themselves with the answer “yes”, without this there is no self-acceptance. To forgive yourself, it is important to understand the following:

  • every man makes mistakes;
  • forgiveness of one’s betrayal helps to understand oneself, the motives that led to the betrayal;
  • this mistake contributed to personal development to be: more careful to yourself and your partner.


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