How to get a girl interested in texting

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How to get a girl interested in texting

In the modern pace of life, an active young person has a fairly limited amount of time left for personal life. And here, just by the way, everyone’s favorite computer with Internet access is at hand, in which we can get all the information we need, as well as get to know each other, communicate, etc. And then the question immediately arises: how to start this communication by correspondence? What to interest? And what, exactly, to write?
How to get a girl interested in texting


Try to avoid templates. Namely, don’t use stupid questions like, “What are you doing? Where are you studying? How are you?”, giving compliments and pouring banal phrases, for example: “How beautiful you are — I really liked you,” etc. The first message should be unusual, stand out from the rest, so that it can attract the attention of the girl from the first minute and let her know that you are the one with whom she can start an interesting conversation.
More humor and positivity. There should be no thought about any problems whatsoever. It is better not to touch on such topics. Otherwise, the impression will be created not of an easy-to-communicate optimist, but of a person with a difficult character.
How to get a girl interested in texting
Of course, you must be an erudite person. Speak, and be good. Give adequate opinions, forget about selfishness. It is better to omit the phrases «and here I am …» and turn it on when she asks herself.
You definitely don’t need to tell in plain text how wonderful you are, that you have a huge bank account, your own car — this does not work for most girls. There are other things at work here. The same humor works much better, for example, or unexpected turns in communication.
In a word, you can interest a girl on the Internet in various ways. The main thing is that this pastime brings pleasure to both.
How to get a girl interested in texting


In general, it’s easy to play the pikaper game — closer — farther. How to attract the attention of a girl — before approaching her. Gain pluses, even before you start talking — you can interest her in yourself, even before you start dating, and when you approach her to get to know her, she will already be open, she will already want you to come up to her and get to know her.

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How to interest a girl? What is the psychology of a girl in a relationship? Questions that concern any man at a certain stage of his life. Of course, it would be very cool if you could know from the beginning whether the guy would be interested in this particular female person or not. If you know in advance that a certain girl will be interested in you, then in this case it would be simple and easy to get acquainted.
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