How to get a girl to kiss you

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How to get a girl to kiss you

you met girl of your dreams, you have a romantic relationship. The candy-bouquet period is in full swing, only it will not come to a kiss. You approach her this way and that, and she continues to move away, turn away. Here are a couple of tips, and a girl will definitely not refuse a kiss with you.
How to get a girl to kiss you


First, kiss her on the hand (for example, when meeting and parting). After she lets you in closer, a kiss on the cheek will be the most appropriate. Just make sure that she understands that you do not insist on continuing, and nothing will follow this kiss.
Behave in such a way that she herself wants a kiss. Gently run your hand through her hair, stroke her hand. In a word, make sure that a slight wave of excitement runs through her body.
Act out some situation, for example, pretend to blow an eyelash from her cheek, gently touch her face? and the kiss will not keep you waiting.


No need to be intrusive, pull yourself together and be patient. After all, for girls, a kiss is the first rapprochement.

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