How to get a guy if he has a girlfriend

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How to get a guy if he has a girlfriend

“Oh, what a handsome man,” he thinks young woman, looking after the guy who, alas, is no longer alone. Married or just happy in a long-term strong relationship. But sometimes, behind a happy façade, personal disorder reigns. Such a guy will easily make contact, you just need to follow simple recommendations.
Maybe he is waiting for you?


Believe in your success, even if you do not consider yourself beautiful. Let his current passion be a model beauty, perhaps deep down he dreams of a plump tender brunette like you.
Don’t expect a miracle. It is unlikely that the guy of your dreams reads minds: you will have to at least hint that you care about him. And if you really intend to get it, penetrating glances alone are indispensable.
Refuse direct love outpourings, even in the form of long touching emails. The times of Tatyana Larina, alas, have passed, no one really knows how to respond to love letters. You risk getting a ringing silence in response.
Even if passion literally chokes you, you should not suddenly bring it down on your chosen one, appearing from around the corner in skimpy outfits. First, he already has young woman. And secondly, even if he is not averse to exchanging it for you, such pressure will frighten him. Decide you need too much.
Just communicate. Do not try to play the role of a seductress, try to become his friend. Find out what he’s into. Perhaps on weekends he is alone (while he sleeps young woman) takes inspirational runs at a nearby stadium and is not at all averse to sharing this activity with someone.
Having received the status of a friend, and not just a friend, you will understand that the relationship develops as if by itself. In secret, tell mutual friends that he is crazy about you. And soon he will definitely not be able to do without you. But what about his young woman? — Which young woman?
When his passion realizes that things are not right, she will want to sort things out. Do not speak to her under any circumstances! Such disassembly only plays into his hands — while the girls are fighting, he basks in the arms of both. You run the risk of remaining an eternal fallback. Better just ignore her, especially if young woman shows aggression.
Don’t hide your intentions. In a conversation, as if by the way, praise him, say that you like him, playfully kiss him on the cheek. Usually such hints do not go unnoticed. If a man is interested in you, you will soon know about it.
When you realize that he has long forgotten about his girlfriend and is ready to switch to you, think carefully. Do you need a guy to take away?

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