How to get a guy interested?

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How to get a guy interested

Well, today very often girls and women have to take on the role of a huntress. There is nothing terrible in this — provided that the chosen victim does not understand that she is being hunted.

How to interest a guy with a look?

Fortunately, to answer this question we will not have to discover uncharted continents or invent new means of transportation. In how you can instantly interest a man (or guy) with a look, the female guard figured out a long time ago. (It is assumed, of course, that we are talking about how to interest an unfamiliar guy or man).

So there are two very simple ways. If you see that the guy is looking at you, answer him with a short look into his eyes, smile — and immediately turn away. If he doesn’t look at you, don’t take your eyes off him until he notices him. As soon as your eyes meet, look down in embarrassment. At this point, you’re supposed to be showing him your confusion that he caught you at the scene of the crime. However, this demonstration should not be delayed too long, since not only you could be interested in this guy, but also those ladies who are at a dangerously close distance from him. Therefore, we allocate 2-3 seconds to the stage of downcast eyes. After that, we again raise our eyes, look into his eyes, smile — and again we are very embarrassed, again looking away.

We examined how and with what you can instantly interest and intrigue an unfamiliar guy or man. If he did not react in any way, this will mean one of two things: either his girlfriend should come up any minute, and he does not want a scandal, or he loves her so much that he is simply not interested in any other girl or woman. (Trust me, it happens!)

Let’s also say how and how you can push away, and not interest the guy or man you like. A senseless obsessive look or too generous smiles are likely to force the subject of your interest to turn in the opposite direction from you.

How to understand that a guy is interested in you?

First, prick up your ears and listen to what your feminine instinct whispers to you. Nature puts it in the cradle of every born girl, and believe me, it is never wrong. Another question is that we do not always want to hear and understand it.

How else to understand if you are interested in him? If a guy asks you serious and specific questions about yourself, and listens with attentive interest to what you tell him, most likely he wants to get to know you better.

How to get a guy interested in talking?

Above all, be sincere in your conversation. This is very important, since many girls, in order to interest the guy they like, drive themselves into a lie trap — trying to present themselves to him in a winning, in their opinion, light. Don’t make the same mistake. There is no need to pretend to be something that you are not at all — just to attract someone. Believe me, not a single sheepskin is worth such a dressing. You should be, first of all, yourself — and whoever likes it, likes it. Listen with interest to what he tells you. If you do not attach importance to what and how he says, you will not be able to interest him. Any guy will appreciate an attentive listener — with whom he will want to communicate further.

If you are thinking about what question a guy can be interested in, try to understand from what he said what exactly interests him the most. Take care, therefore, to listen well to his words, and, for your part, give him your opinion on the subjects he touches upon.

How to get a guy interested again?

It is difficult to do this, because, as you know, only something completely new can sharply interest a person in general (and a guy in particular). So it all depends on why he lost interest in you.

If your boyfriend liked another girl, only time will help you (or rather, him) understand if he did the right thing by refusing you.

If he left because he got bored with you, again, it’s not a fact that you are to blame. Look at the level of your life planks. If he is a step above you (meaning knowledge, interests, abilities) — try to reach this step too. How to get a guy interested againIn the case when he is much lower — wave goodbye to him, and wish him a happy journey. (True, there is always a version of Mother Teresa, in which you can selflessly and sacrificially pull him up with all your might. What can I say? Focus on yourself).

Quite often, the guy leaves because the girl was too dissolved in him and in his life, completely abandoning hers. As a rule, in this case, it is not so difficult to interest and return the guy. To do this, all we need to do is to think more about ourselves, good ones — a recipe that will never let us down.


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