How to get a man to marry

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How to get a man to marry

It is clear that man not to be kept by marriage, but somehow calmer when a wedding ring shines on your finger, and there is a stamp in your passport. Therefore, women use all sorts of tricks to man force to marry.
How to get a man to marry


The most common thing a woman goes through is pregnancy. Usually men take what happened for granted and agree to marriage. You can invent a future child, but in this case, after the wedding, you will have to urgently become pregnant for real, and this is not always possible.
Some men can get married if they are seduced by material goods, such as a posh house or a prestigious foreign car and a tidy sum in the bank. But how can such a marriage be happy, most likely, the newlywed will soon be left with half of her property.
The influence of relatives is not the last violin in the orchestra. You need to try to please his mother and find an ally in her. And also to adopt her habits and culinary recipes, as many men want to see the image of their mother in their wife.
It is worth making the other half jealous. If a man realizes that he can lose the woman he loves, then he himself will want to marry at any cost. Especially jealous ones should not be tempted by this method, their actions are unpredictable.
Can be put man facing the fact that either he is getting married or you are breaking up. It is good to confirm the seriousness of your intentions by a separate residence, it is even worth going to the country, to the village with relatives, to a resort, and so on. This method only works when a man has fallen in love for real.

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