How to get him to marry me

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How to get him to marry me

And you seem to be fine. Your beautiful and passionate romance has grown into a serious stable relationship. And there is no longer any doubt that he is the one with whom you see yourself next to him in five and ten years. The one from whom you want children. But he is in no hurry to propose to you, although you are waiting for it.
Men, like fire, are afraid of the word


Don’t pressure him. Even if your patience is already running out, and the phrase “When will we get married?” is about to fly off your tongue, you must try to make sure that it doesn’t fly off. Better bite your tongue before he talks about marriage first. Otherwise, you risk losing it.
Up to a certain point, men are terribly afraid of the word «wedding» uttered by a woman. And even if he has been living with his lover for a long time, to whom he brings his entire salary, in return for receiving washed socks and homemade meatballs, he can still experience panic fear at the mere thought of a stamp in his passport. We, women, of course, do not understand this phobia, it remains only to accept and find a way to resist it.
Make sure that the man «himself» realizes all the benefits of a married position. It will be difficult if you don’t live together. Therefore, the first step is to move in with your chosen one. If he does not show initiative in any way, you can go for a trick. Tell him that a pipe burst from the neighbors from above and you were heavily flooded, so for some time repairs will be made in your apartment, respectively, you simply have nowhere to live. Just think of something in case your lover wants to prove himself as a knight and volunteers to do the repairs himself.

After you become a «forced» hostess in his house, you and the cards are in your hands. Surround him with care, forget about restaurant cuisine for a while — feed him delicious homemade food. Buy yourself a good cookbook and surprise your loved one with your culinary skills every day. And what to do — even though it’s the twenty-first century in the yard, women have not yet come up with a surer way to a man’s heart than through his stomach.

Show your chosen one how nice it is not only to go to bed together at night, but also to wake up in her arms in the morning. Every day. Do not refuse him morning sex, even if you are afraid of being late for work. In the morning, be sure to feed him a delicious, satisfying and healthy breakfast.
Do all household chores easily and naturally. However, men’s help should not be neglected, otherwise later, when you get married, it will be difficult for you to prove that you are also tired and cannot handle all the household chores on your own.
Go together to visit married couples who, of course, are happily married. Someone else’s positive example has a good effect on the male consciousness. By the way, this method is especially indicated if you have been living in a civil marriage for a long time, but your husband is in no hurry to formalize the relationship. Let him see that the wedding and the stamp in the passport does not change anything in life together. At least not for the worse.

Tip 2: How to get a man to marry

Any woman, no matter what she says, wants to be in the status of a wife, and not a lover or girlfriend. But many men are in no hurry to put a stamp in their passport and burden themselves with family worries. A man who has come out of a young age, in order to force him to marry, needs to be lured down the aisle with more weighty arguments.
How to get a man to marry


Pregnancy. Any normal, adult and accomplished man will not want his child to grow up without a father. This will make him marry you. If you are not ready for this feat, then you can act in other ways.
Get to know his family. See how the mother of your chosen one behaves. If he has a warm and trusting relationship with his mother, you need to adopt the style of her behavior, and most importantly, she will like her. Many men marry under the pressure of their mother.
Be sure to visit your family. A man looks at your family traditions and relationships. He should become a friend of your family. Then you can try to exert pressure from your parents.
If you live under the same roof, arrange for him a comfortable life. Everything should always be washed, ironed, cleaned and prepared. Having lived like this, for some period of time, you can put pressure: either a stamp, or we part. Not every man has the strength to lose the coziness and comfort that you have provided him.
Always keep a man in good shape. He must know that he can lose you. You should like other men and in every possible way show it to yours. After all, if he calms down, he thinks: where will she go, then this is unlikely to force you to legitimize your relationship.
Share his interests. If a man has something to talk about with you, then this may push him to marry you.
Common views on life and the same value system also pushes a man to marry.
Show him that you are an independent person and can support yourself without outside help. To helpless women, a man quickly loses interest. When he understands that you can do without him, losing your relationship, life will not change, this also pushes him to legitimize the relationship.
And, of course, love. If a man falls in love, then this is the most powerful argument to marry him to yourself.


How to get a guy to marry. You have been dating a guy for a long time. You are madly in love with him. The article will reveal ways to get a guy to marry. While communicating with him, try to start a conversation about marriage. You might think of someone who recently sealed the bond with a passport stamp, or got engaged, or you might comment on an arranged marriage, for example.

Useful advice

Honey, I’m pregnant! — a great joke, only if the guy has a strong psyche. And you can also take your loved one for a walk to the registry office and sigh languidly, looking at the brides. If the darling, despite your insistent calls to build a family nest, continues to build a carefree youth out of himself, proceed to decisive action. How to get a man to marry. 1. Let your loved one understand that you are interesting to other men.

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