How to get it out of my head

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How to get it out of my head

If, after a break in a relationship, thoughts constantly return to your ex-man, hurting you and preventing you from living on, you need to throw him out of heads. Even if it seems to you that you are not in control of your thoughts, it is quite possible to do this.
Get the memories of him out of your head


Most often, thoughts about a man do not want to leave if in your soul you have not accepted the fact of parting. Tell yourself that the relationship is already over. They are already in the past, so constantly thinking about what happened is as unproductive as chewing on the events of 20 years ago.
No need to completely forbid yourself to think about an ex-man. We all strive to do what is forbidden. Allow yourself to suffer and worry about this, but only at a certain time. For example, from 20-15 to 20-30. If during the day old feelings come over you, push them into the background, promising yourself that you will definitely worry about this in the allotted time. When that time comes, keep your promises faithfully. The trick is that when 20-15 comes, you most likely will not want to suffer. You will understand, implicitly, that suffering on a schedule is stupid. An important clarification — if you missed the appointed time, then you have to wait until tomorrow to think about it. It is impossible to move this time “later”.
Think about the positives of your breakup. They are always there, even in small things. For example, now you need to spend less time at the stove and at the sink. You will no longer puzzle over where he spends his time and whether he is telling you the truth. Write down all these positive moments on a piece of paper under the large heading “Hurrah! Freedom!» and hang it on your wall. When thoughts of him return again, look at your list and be glad that it happened. At first, this thought will seem blasphemous, but very soon you will begin to rejoice with complete sincerity.
Take care of all your free time so that you simply do not have free time to indulge in despondency. Start doing what you have long wanted to do, but pushed back because you spent evenings with your ex-man. Now is the time to do it.

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