How to get rid of jealousy?

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how to get rid of jealousy

Anyone who has ever been jealous knows that this is an extremely exhausting occupation. Jealous people are emotionally unstable, they are characterized by inadequate reactions to ongoing events, which leads to stupid and dangerous actions. Jealousy deprives a person of strength, prevents him from enjoying life, moreover, it can lead to a deterioration in well-being and the development of various diseases. It is obvious that it is necessary to get rid of such a pernicious passion, and we will talk about how to do this.

Female and male jealousy

Everyone knows that women and men look at the world differently, and they are also jealous for various reasons. Male jealousy can be based on the desire to control everything or gain unlimited power over a woman. In this case, any hint of communication with other men can cause irritation, for example, brighter makeup or a slight delay at work. Another type of self-confident man will be jealous only if there are suspicions of infidelity — the secrets of a woman in her personal life, flirting with other men, hiding contacts with them. Men in creative professions are often so immersed in their projects that they will begin to be jealous only after learning about the accomplished betrayal.

Psychology among the reasons for female jealousy calls the desire to constantly be convinced of one’s own superiority over other women, and the presence of a caring and successful husband is an excellent confirmation of this. Also, often women are jealous because they lack warmth and affection, hence the feeling of insecurity appears, which drives one crazy. No less common are women who simply consider it their duty to keep their husband «on a short leash», by the way, they do the same with their children. In this case, jealousy is usually a condition, because there is almost always a reason for it — a slightly later return from work, a phone call from a colleague, even flowers or a gift can arouse suspicion, because such a surprise was not planned. Women are more likely than men to be jealous just because they are very afraid to be alone again.

But it happens that it is impossible to answer the question why women or men are jealous, this feeling flares up for no apparent reason, it exists regardless of the behavior of another person. This condition is called pathological jealousy, in women it is less common than in the representatives of the stronger sex.

How to get rid of feelings of jealousy?

Many women are tormented by the question of how to get rid of their husband’s jealousy, and cannot find an answer. And this happens because they are looking for a problem in themselves, which often does not exist. Of course, if the wife openly flirts with other men, or allows relationships with them, then jealousy is more than justified. But if there is none of this, then, probably, the psychological problems of the jealous person himself are to blame. That is why when contacting a specialist, you will need to know the opinion of both parties. True, if the case is not started, then you can get rid of the feeling of jealousy on your own, but, like with any other harmful passion, you will need an awareness of the existing problem and a sincere desire to solve it.

  1. If you are jealous of someone, you need to determine the reason for what is happening. Having found out the reason, you need to talk about it with the object of jealousy in order to find a way out of the situation together.
  2. As soon as the slightest suspicion appears, little things begin to appear that supposedly completely expose the traitor, it even seems to some that the “pieces of the puzzle” are beginning to fit together, but in fact it is all far-fetched. Therefore, it is better to question your assumptions by discarding emotions and taking a sober look at the situation.
  3. Often, instead of talking about their suspicions, people prefer to jump to conclusions, convincing themselves of an accomplished betrayal. You should not do this, because even compromising photos can turn out to be fake — you never know who wants to destroy your happiness.
  4. how to get rid of pathological jealousy

  5. Girls tend to be jealous of their boyfriends, just seeing their eyes in the direction of another girl. But without other reasons, such a reaction is unreasonable, and instead of wasting your energy on jealousy, it’s better to take care of yourself — go to the store for a new thing, get a new hairstyle or manicure. Learn from the people your man admires instead of being jealous.

Psychology, of course, can give an answer to the question of how to get rid of jealousy, but in the case of a pathological feeling, only a specialist can apply this knowledge. Therefore, if you have just such a case, then it will not work without a visit to a psychologist.


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