How to get rid of love for a man

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How to get rid of love for a man

At least once in a lifetime, love without reciprocity overtook any of us. An unrequited feeling, like a flame, burns you from the inside. Only you can extinguish it as useless or turn it into a forest fire. Now you are suffering from a broken heart and do not know how to get rid of love to manthen follow the advice below.
How to get rid of love for a man
You will need
  • Assistance from a qualified professional.


Realize that you didn’t have a real loveas you thought for a long time. And there was a disease that required treatment. Contact a specialist for help. Here the advice of girlfriends will not work.
Learn to love yourself. The one who is proud of himself and finds something good in himself is less dependent on others.
Come up with bright, memorable, interesting activities. that will distract you from thinking about love. It can be: going to a fitness center or SPA-salons, to a theater or an art gallery. Try not to have free time.
Build relationships with the opposite sex. You can do this when you fulfill the conditions of the previous method. Here the main quantity, the more new acquaintances you make, the better. The effect will be like amnesia — partial loss of memory. Feelings will subside imperceptibly and without suffering.
Use shock therapy. you miss your ex love? Make it a lot. Call him day and night, see him off and meet him, stick photos with his image everywhere, etc. Until you get bored.
Try the method used in the west. Blind a statue of a person (with the image of a former loved one) near a cliff, and then tear off parts from it and throw them into the abyss. This method is said to be very effective.

Useful advice

If you want to get rid of love, do not think that «without it, the white light is not nice to me», «I don’t want to live without it.» Get those thoughts out of your head! Better repeat to yourself: “I deserve better!” That your lover loses a lot by not reciprocating, not you.

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