How to Ignore a Guy

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How to Ignore a Guy

Sometimes you wish the guy would just leave you alone. «Why can’t I be invisible?» you think when you see him heading towards you. Some people just don’t get the hints and just ignore them completely. And here’s how you can do it.

Strike up a phone conversation with someone else is a good way to ignore an unpleasant interlocutor
You will need
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Confidence that you are doing the right thing


Use modern technology. A cell phone, PDA, MP3 player will help you look very busy and not social. Every time he comes up to you, just start a conversation with a friend, and preferably with a friend on your mobile, delve into your computer or turn on the player.
Lower your eyes down. Don’t meet his eyes. On the street, in the hallway, in the office, if you don’t hear someone calling your name, you just might not notice the person, right? Turn around and go about your business.
If there is no way to leave, use body language. Crossed arms and legs are a clear sign that you do not want to communicate with someone. As well as the ugly look.
Turn away. Pretend to be extremely interested in something across the street, on a hallway wall, or on your computer. Open your purse and start looking for something in it, take out a mirror and fix your makeup.
Reject his compliments. If he compliments your new dress or hairstyle, tell him that you’re not interested in his opinion of your style. If he praises your work, say that you are a big girl and you know your worth as a professional.
Don’t feel obligated to answer his calls, texts, or emails. Of course, you are a polite girl, but all politeness has its limits. Block his phone number in your mobile, set up a spam filter on his e-mail messages.
Ignore if he is loudly discussing you with his buddies. Do you understand why he does it? So, don’t give him a reason to think that this is working and he will calm down sooner or later.

Useful advice

Avoiding someone is much easier than ignoring someone. If you have the opportunity to avoid all contact with this guy, do it.

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