How to improve memory and attention

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How to improve memory and attention

Memory and attention are two invaluable gifts that a person receives at birth. It is they who help to fully navigate and adapt in life. In childhood, memory is very tenacious and freely absorbs, like a sponge, a large amount of information, which occurs until about 25 years of age. In youth, a person has an excellent concentration of attention. However, time passes and invariably there comes a period when memory loses its elasticity and attention becomes distracted. It turns out that there are special methods and training techniques that will help improve memory and attention.
There are special training methods and techniques that will help improve memory and attention.


Use the association method if you need to remember phone numbers or dates. That is, literally correlate each number or groups of numbers with some significant date, which will then help restore information.
Recall all the events of the past day, and to the smallest detail, restoring in memory the gestures, smell, voice timbre and style of the interlocutor. Do this as regularly as possible (for example, at the end of the day).
Make it a rule to learn one quatrain every day (there is usually no time in the morning, and therefore it is preferable in the evening). Firstly, it will help improve memory and attention, and secondly, it will broaden your horizons and become addicted to poetry.
Use mnemonics. For example, since school, many people remember the formula of water precisely because of this: “My boots are that! Skip ash-two-o” or the process of diluting acid in water “First water, then acid. And then there will be a big problem.” You can always think of something like this.
Write. It is the cheat sheets that we learned to write at school that make it possible to memorize well. For example, write a grocery list, talk it out, and then put it away and try shopping without it. With some practice and proper focus, success can be achieved.
Crowd! Trite, but it is the usual cramming that helps to train your own memory and develops attention. Since after the end of training, their training practically stops, which is why the sharpness of previously acquired skills decreases.

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