How to improve your relationship with your mom

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How to improve your relationship with your mom

Relations things rarely go smoothly with parents — communication between different generations of the same family is often overshadowed by quarrels, grievances or mutual claims. And the question of how to build relationships with momsooner or later becomes relevant for almost all young people.
How to improve your relationship with your mom


The reasons for conflicts with parents are different — therefore, a «universal recipe» is hardly possible. But if we talk about the relationship of children with mom, then very often the essence of the conflict comes down to the fact that for many mothers “love your child” means “take care of him”. And the mother, deep down, refuses to understand that her son or daughter has already grown up, and strives to continue to patronize and control her grown babies, not paying attention to their desperate resistance.
If you live with your parents, the first thing to recommend is to find yourself a separate place to live. Even if it is temporary, for a few months. At a certain stage in your relationship with your parents, it is better to love each other from a distance: this will help you and your mother realize that you have really grown up. And having your own space, where you are the host, and your mother is the guest, will help you calmly treat the problems of relationships with your parents.
Consult systematically with mom «on trifles»: ask for advice, be interested in some «household tricks» and so on. You don’t always have to follow your mom’s advice. In this case, your main task is to make the mother feel useful for her own child. If she really needs to teach a child about life, it will be better if you choose the topics for these “lessons” yourself. It’s better for mom to explain how to fry potatoes to a crisp, and not how to behave with members of the opposite sex.
Take care of your mother: call, find out how she feels, while shopping, buy her some little things she needs in the household, make regular visits. This will help the mother feel that her son or daughter loves her and thinks of her. And the fact that not only she cares about you, but you about her, will help her feel that you have become an adult. And it can change your relationship very much — for the better.


It’s time to reach a new level of communication with your mother, to show that you have really grown up, you can and should be trusted, your actions are driven by a thought, a conscious, thoughtful, clear thought, and not spontaneous desires and a childish whim «but I want it so!». To improve relations with parents, understand simple life truths: — your parents love you and wish you well.

Useful advice

In any case, mother is the dearest person, and one should always maintain the warmest relations with her. Remember who your mother is according to the sign of the zodiac. Of course you know this. Aries parents, Leo and Sagittarius are leaders in communication. Therefore, most often it is difficult for them to establish contact with children born under water signs. If you are Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, be patient when communicating with your mother, get ready for the fact that she will always give you advice on what to do and how to do it better.

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