How to know that you are lying

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How to know that you are lying

Lies can be pathological and salutary. There are people who lie about everything and enjoy it. But if you are attentive, picky and pay close attention to the body language of your interlocutor and are interested in the details of what is being said to you, you can easily recognize a lie.
How to know that you are lying


The body language and facial expression of a liar.
One of the indirect signs that you are being lied to is a shifty look. Eyes can instantly betray an inexperienced liar. Every person feels that if someone avoids his gaze and at the same time tells something, there is a high probability that he is being deceived. Knowing this, «experienced» liars will look directly into the eyes with a trained direct gaze. If you feel that they are looking at you point-blank without blinking, while the interlocutor carefully controls his hands, which strive to cover part of the face, mouth, nose, this can also mean that you are being lied to.
If you do not know the habits of the interlocutor, you are not sure of his “training” in lying, then any twitching, tapping with his feet or hands, fidgeting, shaking his head and other nervous movements can clearly indicate his lie. However, it is possible that the interlocutor is simply nervous, but the question is: why. Nervous habits or sudden changes in physical behavior can signal dishonesty and dishonesty. A change in the timbre of the voice, slowing down or speeding up speech can also mean that a person is hiding something.
Details, details, clarifications.

Listen carefully. Often when people lie, they leave out the details. Ask them to clarify. Your questions are the best way to conduct a mini-investigation. Pay special attention to what they say, how they detail the narrative. And try to determine if everything fits into a single picture. Inconsistencies and inconsistencies in detail mean that all or part of the story is a lie.
The best way to know if you are being lied to is to memorize their story flawlessly. As a rule, lies are quickly forgotten. It is enough to ask for details of what you were told a few days later, or to ask to tell you the story again. You will be unpleasantly surprised by how much the story has changed and how many new “forgotten” details have surfaced in it.

Other signs of lies.
«Don’t you trust me?» or “Are you testing me?” — answering a question with a question, changing the subject and avoiding giving a direct answer, a person betrays his deceit and secrecy. Liars who lie, as a rule, refuse to answer immediately, use the tactic of clarification: «What do you mean?» — they are lost when your question is already clear. This is done in order to find time and think a little about what to say next in order to satisfy your curiosity.

Useful advice

Remember, there are professions where cheating is part of the job. This is the profession of a salesperson, politician and advertiser. It depends only on each of us how much we trust the words of these people. In any case, the ability to see lies is a very good skill that will always come in handy.

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