How to learn to be a woman

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How to learn to be a woman

To be a real woman, it is not enough to have the appropriate gender. This is an art, the mastery of which requires considerable strength and knowledge. Many of them are given to a woman from birth, but some are worth finding and developing on your own.
How to learn to be a woman


Outgoing inner warmth, softness and calmness are the qualities that distinguish a woman from men, who, in turn, are aspiring, sharp and focused. A woman who has the warmth of a mother will always be attractive. In order to develop these qualities in yourself, you need to learn to accept everything as it is and fight your pride, criticism and categoricalness.
Learn to give thanks. Only that woman who thanks her man for everything he does for her will receive love and generous attention from him. Your loved one bought in the store not the products that you wrote to him on the list, you are clearly annoyed, but you need to suppress this negative energy in yourself. A real woman next time will not load her husband with a detailed list of products, and then compare what she bought with him, but she will say: “Darling, buy everything on your own.” She will give freedom to a man, and he will gladly take advantage of her and bring from the store what you love most.
Smile. A woman’s smile works wonders, and this has been known since ancient times. One has only to remember the mysterious Mona Lisa, and you will understand what it is about. The secret is that your smile should come from within, from the heart, and then your whole being will be imbued with a feminine charm that will captivate men’s hearts. And in this case, it doesn’t matter if you are beautiful or not, it will be impossible to take your eyes off you.
Love yourself, love yourself. Without comparing yourself to anyone, admit that you are attractive, beautiful, interesting, that you are full of charm and charm. Most importantly, accept yourself for who you are. Understand that you are unique, and this is your strength.
Vigor and strong character are the new qualities of a woman born in the 20th century, and therefore, you should also have them. Your hobbies, goals, dreams, aspirations — all this should be with you, although somewhat on the periphery. Do not forget that the core of your being should be soft and motherly. The ability to flexibly combine strength and softness is characteristic of precisely those women from whom you need to take an example.
Don’t forget about your appearance. The external is a reflection of the internal state, so show all your femininity in your face, figure, outfits, grooming and facial expressions. Take care of yourself, while not losing naturalness, just emphasize and preserve what nature has given you.
Self-realization in creativity and spiritual practices will reveal true femininity in you. Sign up for dancing and yoga for women, take up painting and try to reflect your nature in paints. Thanks to these courses, you will discover in yourself something new and unknown, but close and understandable to you, which attracts men so much and makes their hearts beat faster.

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