How to learn to flirt?

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How to learn to flirt

It seems that all girls know how to flirt with a guy, but some want to learn how to do it right. Explaining that members of the opposite sex do not react to flirting in the way they would like. So how to learn how to flirt with a guy correctly, maybe this innocent game needs to be started somehow in a special way? In fact, no one can give clear recommendations — all men are different, and therefore react differently to our techniques. Yes, and you don’t need to imitate anyone, because every woman is interesting precisely for her personality, who needs hackneyed stamps? But, despite all this, there are several tricks that have helped women at all times to signal to a man that they are interested in him.

How to learn to flirt with guys?

  1. It has already been said above that flirting is a game that does not necessarily end in bed, it all depends on what kind of goals you set for yourself. And when you start flirting with a man, you need to determine as clearly as possible what you want from this duel of views — sex, or do you need flirting just to pass the time, recharge with positive emotions (the interest of the opposite sex works better than chocolate), etc. Once we have a goal, we act accordingly. If you do not want a bed looming on the horizon, no explicit sexual allusions are needed, just a slight interest will be enough.
  2. We all know that it is indecent for a girl to start an acquaintance. Although modern ladies who want to emphasize their emancipation are no longer so embarrassed to take the initiative in all areas of life, it is still not worth it to start flirting. Otherwise, you risk depriving yourself of the most interesting game, so you should not rush. So what do you need to do to show your interest to a man? It’s simple — you really need to be interested in this man and be completely liberated — your behavior will say everything for you — everyone can speak sign language, even if they don’t know about it. All you need is a couple of interested looks (never staring at the object like it owes you money), a sincere smile, a relaxed posture. After all, in any case, you want to enjoy flirting, so tune in to it and enjoy the game from its first minutes.
  3. Well, here’s a longer than usual look, a deployed body in the direction of a vending object, had its effect, and the no less difficult part of this flirting comes — a conversation. What you say is not so important, the main thing is how you do it. The main rule is to talk less, listen more. Men love to conquer ladies with their wit, so why not give them such an opportunity. And all the comments that you will release should not be caustic, harsh, your sincere interest, your desire to keep the conversation going is important. And frightening the interlocutor with harsh statements, you risk leaving the game ahead of time. If there is a pause in the conversation, then a compliment to the man will be a good way to continue communication. It is the man, and not his appearance. For example, you wanted to praise his clothes (accessory), what should you do? Say what an interesting (beautiful, original) tie you have chosen for yourself (phone, dessert, etc.). That is, it is necessary to note not a thing, but the ability of a man to choose it. And of course, light touches are welcome during a conversation, How to learn to flirtagain to emphasize their interest in the conversation.
  4. How to learn to flirt with a man? It seems that I know what to do, I act accordingly, but still nothing comes out. Familiar situation? The reason may be a lack of emancipation, self-confidence or a nondescript appearance. In order for a man’s gaze to focus on you, do not hesitate to emphasize and demonstrate the dignity of your figure. Just do not get carried away with too revealing outfits, they are more likely to repel a man, well, or you will be perceived as an overly frivolous lady.


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