How to learn to kiss

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How to learn to kiss

You have been waiting for this moment for so long, so often you have not slept at night, imagining how your lips will touch in the first kiss, and now, when this happens, everything is not as rosy as it is described in books. It depends on many factors, including how good a kisser you are.
How to learn to kiss
You will need
  • guy-
  • young woman-
  • attraction.


Some advise learning to kiss on tomatoes. But will he tell you whether such touches will be pleasant to your partner. First of all, try to relax, imagine your loved one and kiss. To find out how pleasant this or that touch is, you can touch your lips or tongue to your wrist during training.
Those who want to learn how to kiss should know that there are several types of kisses. They differ in depth and intensity. Kiss of friends, caressing, exciting and passionate
Caressing — a kiss when one partner caresses the lips of the other with his lips. The caress is mutual and you need to kiss the lips alternately, connecting light touches of the tongue to the lips.

Exciting — deeper, when partners caress each other’s tongues in a circular motion, suck them and so on.
Passionate kisses do not need a description — everything happens by itself.

It is very important that you have clean teeth, fresh breath if you are going on a date. The habit of brushing your teeth after eating, using chewing gum, refreshing candies, which, by the way, can give your kisses a spicy flavor. Oral care includes not only brushing the teeth, but also the surfaces of the gums, cheeks and especially the tongue. To keep your breath fresh in the morning, you need to thoroughly brush your teeth and mouth in the evening.
Kissing noses will not interfere if the head is tilted slightly to the side. Having learned to kiss, you will absolutely forget about this little inconvenience.
So that your kiss does not make the girl uncomfortable due to excess saliva during contact, drink a few sips of cold water.
In a kiss, not only technique is important, but also sincerity. If you don’t want to actually kiss, then it’s best not to force it. Your partner may be offended by your formal attitude. Remember about sensuality and tenderness, because how to learn to kiss if you show coldness, rudeness or indifference to your partner? That’s right, no way.
The first kiss should not be deep and passionate, it can repel and frighten the partner. The kiss should be gentle, shallow, slow, your partner should have the feeling that you are delighted and also enjoy the kiss.
The setting in which you kiss also matters. Whether it will be a public toilet cubicle or a romantically furnished living room. Think about what kind of atmosphere it would be more pleasant for your partner to be in.
Touch your partner, stroke, neck, ear, shoulders, back.
Add variety to the kiss. Touch your noses lightly, suck your tongue and lips when kissing.
Speak quietly compliments in your ear.


Deep kisses with the tongue are more exciting, give more vivid sensations, but also require at least minimal technique.

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