How to live after cheating husband?

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how to live after cheating husband

Even in fairly happy and successful families, such a sad event for the wife as her husband’s betrayal can happen. This stress is second only to the loss of a close relative, and a woman, having learned such news, falls into a real depression. Learn how to live after the betrayal of her husband, you can from this article.

Life after the betrayal of her husband has many difficulties. Psychologists have calculated that there are four successive stages of a woman’s reaction to infidelity. The duration of each of them is individual and depends on the specific case.

Stages of reaction to treason

one. «This couldn’t happen to me». At this stage, a woman denies the very possibility of betrayal by a loved one and desperately looks for excuses for her husband. As a rule, if they are, the conflict fades. In this state, women are ready to believe in any fables and point blank to ignore evidence of infidelity.

2. «How could you!», or depression after her husband’s infidelity. The second stage, as a rule, proceeds rapidly. The woman loses her last illusions and begins to look at the situation quite realistically. Many fall into hysterics and cling to the traitor, not wanting to «give» him to his rival. However, some, on the contrary, only cry and withdraw into themselves. In this situation, men either comfort their wife or shout back.

3. «Let’s talk». At this stage, a woman thinks about how to accept her husband after infidelity, and whether it is worth doing at all. It will no longer be possible to live as before — here you either start from scratch, or disperse:

  • often women give an ultimatum — either the husband leaves, or he leaves his mistress. Usually a man understands this as “we portray a family, but do what you want”, and continue to live as before, only even more distant from his wife;
  • sometimes a spouse who wants to save the marriage begins to doubly try for her husband, because of which he finally becomes impudent, realizing that he gets away with everything, but remains in the family;
  • some wives let a man go to another — he runs, tries to live there, but in 90% of cases he returns to his wife after a couple how to punish husband after cheatingweeks or months;
  • other wives immediately put an end to it, causing one of two reactions of the traitor — or an attempt to win the spouse back, others will decide that there is no love in marriage and you can safely leave.

four. «Does not matter». This stage, as a rule, means the complete acceptance of the situation by the woman. The wife has already resigned herself to the fact that the relationship is destroyed and will never be restored, and it becomes impossible to return her.

Many wives think about how to punish their husband after infidelity. However, the more you strive for this, the deeper you drive yourself into the framework of this situation and depression. On the contrary, the faster you realize that you don’t care what it was, the faster your life will improve.


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