How to live without love?

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how to live without love

Every person in his life experienced this incredible feeling — love. We love parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends — we experience this feeling differently for everyone. Love for the opposite sex is special. She is endowed with vivid emotions, tenderness, passion. Not always the love that many experienced in adolescence develops into the love of a lifetime. Unfortunately, having matured, not everyone was able to find the very person with whom you can experience this storm of emotions and live happily all your life in true love. And then such people are increasingly wondering how to live without love.

Is it possible to live without love?

Someone says that it is possible to live without love, others argue that it is impossible. Discussions on this topic have been going on for more than a century. Of course, there are completely lonely people next to whom there is absolutely no one. They live only for themselves, not caring about anyone and not revealing their heart to anyone. The reasons for loneliness are different, but, as a rule, they are associated with some bad events. Often in the life of lonely people everything is stable, there are no unnecessary emotions, they are completely immersed in their world. And we can say that it is possible to live without love, but it is rather difficult to call such people truly happy.

How to live with a husband without love?

It’s no secret that there are women who marry not for love. Sometimes it happens that you already want to start a family and the age is completely suitable, but there is no person with whom you could experience that all-consuming feeling. And so, in order not to live alone, a woman decides to marry a man whom she has known and respected for a long time. He is a good and loving person, it is reliable to build relationships with him, but there is no that same passion and burning love. And the fair sex often think about whether they can be happy in such a marriage and whether it will be strong.

Experts say that you can live with your husband without love if you have mutual understanding and respect for each other. If you see all its advantages and disadvantages, and are ready to put up with them. Moreover, such relationships have a future, and sometimes such a marriage is stronger than the one created from ardent love and passion. Over time, this fire subsides, and partners begin to see flaws in a loved one. If you fit each other in character and are spiritually close, then over time the spouse will become a loved one, and the relationship will be maintained, albeit a quiet, but stable flame of love.


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