How to look for a girl

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How to look for a girl

The world is full of girls. You encounter them every day in transport, shops, cafes and just on the street. If among them you still have not met a single one that is attractive to you, then maybe you are looking in the wrong place and the wrong ones.
How to look for a girl
You will need
  • Active lifestyle
  • Self confidence
  • Versatile interests
  • Time


First of all, decide who are you looking for? If you’re interested in a one-night stand, then keep going to bars, nightclubs, and discos. If you’re looking for someone you want to introduce to your parents, then you’re definitely looking in the wrong place.
Do not make a list of qualities that you crave to find in the perfect girl. Lists, of course, are a good thing, but we fall in love with those who win our hearts, and not with those whom we choose with reason.
Communicate. Look for like-minded people in areas that interest you. You will be surprised how many of them are girls. The Internet has made communication easier and more accessible for us. Use it. Check forums, communities, sites where people who are passionate about your favorite thing gather. Participate in discussions, attend meetings and events that are organized there from time to time. Discover new hobbies, do something that attracts you, but that you haven’t gotten your hands on before. This tip has another plus, it will be much easier for you to talk with a girl about what interests both of you, you already have common topics and that’s great!
Take a closer look at the girls in the bookstore. By paying attention to what books the girl you like is considering, you will better imagine the range of her interests. If she’s looking at a book you’ve already read or specialized literature on a subject you’re good at, you’ll have a topic to talk to her about.
Help the girls. If you see lonely girl with a heavy bag, what’s stopping you from offering to help her? Hold the door in the entrance? Give up your seat on public transport? Spending a late night home in an unsafe neighborhood? Be a strong, kind and well-mannered man, and you will be able to meet many girls. Even if they won’t be the one, maybe you will become friends with them and they will in turn introduce you to their girlfriends?
Tell your friends what you are looking for girl. Maybe they know someone you like but don’t think about it because they don’t assume you’re looking. Be honest with them — they’re friends!
There are few things that annoy guys as much as a parent’s desire to introduce them to a «nice girl.» But why not? What are you losing? Agreeing to meet the daughter of your mother’s old friend does not mean at all that you will be obliged to marry her later. By the way, it is not necessary that the girl herself sleeps and sees how she marries you. Think about it.

Useful advice

Dating sites are not such a bad idea.

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