How to make a guy run after you?

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how to make a guy chase you

Many of the fair sex would like to tie a beloved man to themselves and make him begin to pay increased attention to her. There are many ways to get a guy to chase you. But in order to achieve the result, you will have to make some efforts.

Tips on how to get a guy to chase you

Tips on how to get a guy to run after you are in the psychology of relationships section. It should not be assumed that they will act with one hundred percent efficiency. After all, it all depends on how great your determination and self-confidence will be. However, these recommendations can give a hint in which direction to move.

First, you need to take care of yourself. Although they say that the main thing is the soul, in order to be noticed, you will have to work hard on your appearance. Guys can’t stand unkempt and vulgar girls, too bright girls can also scare them away. Therefore, you need to strike a balance: be elegant, but not «striking» in the eyes, sweet and charming, but without excessive flirting.

Next, you should study the interests of the object and try to separate them. It is very good if you work together, you can offer him your help from time to time or ask him for services. But you shouldn’t be intrusive.

When a strong contact is established, you should leave the guy alone for a while and watch his reaction. Meet other people, find something to do outside the home, emphasize in conversation how busy you are all the time. And smile. Intrigue him. You can even flirt a little with other guys.

An effective method can be a game of «hot-cold», the essence of which is either in the distance, or in bringing the guy closer to you. For example, first call him for any reason, and then be silent for several days and avoid even in personal meetings.

How to make a guy run after you with a conspiracy?

An effective method for solving the problem of how to make a guy run after a girl can be the use of a special conspiracy — prisushki. Its action can last for several weeks, during which the object will constantly look for meetings and call more often. During this time, the girl should try to win over the guy’s feelings by natural means (see tips above).

What do we have to do:

  1. Take any thing guy, you can take his photo.
  2. At sunset or dawn, stand at an open window (the moon should be growing).
  3. Slowly, thoughtfully, with feeling, pronounce the following words: “Night and day after day, let your heart now ache with longing for me. I am your blood, I am your air, I am your vision, I am your obsession, I take away all your thoughts, I conjure only dream of me! And as longing creeps into your heart, so your path to my house will turn! Amen!»
  4. Close the window and go to sleep. A very good sign, if a guy dreams in a dream, then the conspiracy is guaranteed to work.

How to make your ex boyfriend chase you?

Another important question that how to make a guy chase you psychologyworries many girls about how to make a guy run after you if you have already broken up, but feelings for him have not cooled down yet. Here you can use all the same methods that were mentioned above. But this must be done very delicately. After all, even if the former is still not indifferent to you, he can be very offended, and it will be difficult to reach him. Stock up on patience. Try to run into him on various occasions as often as possible, but do not be intrusive. Show that your life is not over after the breakup, but hint that you still miss him. Ask for services more often, let him understand that he has remained indispensable for you.


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