How to make a husband afraid of losing his wife?

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how to make a husband afraid of losing his wife

If a man is afraid of losing his wife, he is unlikely to look at other women and behave boorishly in the family. How to make a husband afraid of losing his wife can be found in the recommendations of family psychologists.

How to make a husband respect and appreciate his wife?

The issue of maintaining mutual love and respect in the family is not only for the most ordinary women. Even the most beautiful, successful and talented women can be abandoned by their husbands. It turns out that there is simply no guarantee of preserving love for many years. However, a woman can take some steps that will make her husband fear losing her.

No matter how trite it sounds, men are always afraid of losing extraordinary women who remain themselves in any situation. The psychology of a woman is arranged in such a way that she almost always adapts to a man, like a liana that wraps around a strong tree. And over time, the husband begins to annoy this, he ceases to perceive his wife as a person, and, accordingly, respect and appreciate.

A woman should value herself, but at the same time not turn up her nose, but pay tribute to her husband. A man must be an unquestioned authority, all words of criticism or disagreement can be expressed only in private. Mutual respect is the second pillar, after love, on which the family rests, and it is this pillar that a woman who decides to find the answer to the question of how to teach her husband to appreciate his wife should build in the first place.

In order to determine the leading factors that a man appreciates, family psychologists advise taking a closer look at the husband’s family. It’s no secret that almost always men choose a wife, focusing on their mother. Therefore, they especially appreciate those women who have the same qualities as their mother. And these advantages can be completely different — from the talent to bake mouth-watering pies and fry delicious meatballs to the ability to understand drawings and diagrams.

In addition, those women who are well versed in the primordially masculine areas are also respected by men. The husband will surely be proud to tell his friends that his wife is an excellent car driver and, together with him, “cheers” for her favorite football team. However, you should not overdo it with men’s affairs — if the wife fixes the outlet herself and changes the gasket in the tap, the husband may have a feeling of uselessness.

Psychologists also give one universal piece of advice to preserve male interest: they recommend that a woman remain inaccessible and mysterious to a man to some extent. Representatives of the stronger sex are always hunters, so when the «victim» is caught, they begin to get bored and look around with interest. And if a woman remains elusive, a man will be afraid of losing her and will not take his eyes off his wife. What are the other women…

How to make a man give gifts?

All women want to feel loved, and men are well aware of this. However, they often do not realize that a woman can feel neglected and lonely without gifts. And in no case should the desire to receive a gift be considered a manifestation of self-interest. This is a normal instinct that originates from the time when a man, in order to keep the love and interest of a woman, was forced to constantly bring prey to their home. And preferably much more abundant, how to teach a husband to appreciate his wifethan the neighbor’s man.

Here are some tips from a psychologist that will tell you how to get a man to give gifts:

  • gifts cannot be begged for, but sometimes it is worth hinting carefully so that a man knows what exactly can please his beloved;
  • you need to rejoice at every, even the most insignificant gift, a man will be pleased and he will probably want to experience these emotions more than once;
  • gifts should not only be expected, but also given — a loved one will also be pleased to receive a thing chosen from a pure heart.


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