How to make a man think only of you

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How to make a man think only of you

You feel that he is the one you need. He is the man of your dreams, all your thoughts are only about him. But does he feel the same way? Does he think only of you every hour? If not, then it’s easy to fix. After all, women are made to drive men crazy, right?

How to make a man think only of you
You will need
  • Women’s intuition Charm and mystery Own life


Men love to feel like conquerors. Someone says — hunters, but you are not prey! You are a woman to be pursued. Even if you are crazy about him — pull yourself together. Let him feel that you are missing in his life, not that there are too many of you for him. Let him look for opportunities to see you, to interest you in something unusual. Let him feel that he was able to tear you away from some urgent matters, to withstand competition with someone or something. Even if there is nothing more important for you right now than to hypnotize the phone while waiting for him to call, let it be a secret for him. Give him the feeling of victory, it will raise his self-esteem and «attach» to you as the source of this intoxicating feeling.
Show him that you have another interesting and eventful life — friends, work, hobbies. When he knows that he can call at any time and ask «What are you doing?» and hear “Nothing, I’m waiting for you”, he will not think that you don’t need anyone and nothing but him. He will think that you are not interesting to anyone and are not passionate about anything. Why should he think — “What is she doing now?” If he already knows this?
Flirt with him. Do not think that if you are already having an affair, then the time for flirtatiousness is over. After all, he became interested in you and fell in love with you just like that — light, a little mysterious, casually touching his hand and slipping away.
Appreciate what he does for you. If a man knows how delighted you came from his last surprise. If you showed him how happy he was with his gift. If you, in his presence, quote his jokes, smart thoughts and tell someone about what amazing courageous deeds he does for you, he will enjoy his “minutes of fame” and constantly think to do more for you.
Become him not only a lover, but a friend and adviser. To be honest, this doesn’t take much. Listen more to what he says, rather than talk about yourself. Try to delve into some difficult situations in his life. Even if his work is connected with some high-tech things, there are people around him at this work and, of course, they have some kind of relationship there. Who is better than women in relationships? Give him advice and, next time, in the middle of a tense meeting, he will think — she was right, I need to tell her this, but what would my beloved advise?
Leave subtle signs of your presence in his life. No need to bring a brush, slippers and your favorite pajamas to his house. He is more likely to perceive this as an encroachment on his freedom and personal space. But you can forget a hairpin next to the bed, and a tube of lipstick in the bathroom. Just like giving him soap with a special smell so that he remembers you every time he bathes, a funny keychain, a convenient diary or a mug with a funny inscription.
Be unpredictable. If you write letters to him ten times a day, he will get used to it, but if you send him your photos from an erotic photo shoot to his work soap, he will remember. If his phone is full of SMS messages with your “I love. Kiss. I miss you” he will perceive it as something ordinary. But if you write him something funny to cheer him up before a hard day at work that you are aware of, he will appreciate it. If you leave funny little notes in his pockets, in his house or in his car from time to time, it will make him think about you more than the note on the refrigerator.
Give him not serious reasons for jealousy. Such that he understands that he is jealous of you in vain, but he could not help himself. Smile at some unknown man, and after a few minutes comment that he just amused you. Appear with a bouquet of luxurious flowers and only after some time say casually that your employee has a birthday tomorrow, and you bought a bouquet in advance from the whole team. Go to a corporate party in a breathtakingly sexy dress, showing your chosen one how stunning you are. Say that this party is for a long time, and then leave it early and go to him. Let him think — this woman drives me crazy, but never — she definitely cheats on me.

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What about sex, you ask? Well, honestly, you are already a big girl and you know exactly how to give him and yourself maximum pleasure.
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