How to make an appointment

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How to make an appointment

The hardest thing is to muster up the courage and invite the girl you like to the first date. To minimize the risk of being rejected, remember a few simple rules of conduct.
How to make an appointment


If you are little acquainted with the person you like, or are completely unfamiliar, then at least pay attention to the presence of a wedding ring on your finger. ask mutual acquaintances if the girl you have chosen is dating anyone.
Appoint a meeting yourself, without intermediaries, so as not to look like a coward or too notorious guy.
On the date you need to invite without witnesses from your or her friends. Firstly, the girl may be embarrassed, and this will serve as a reason for refusal. Secondly, the uninvited intervention of acquaintances can reduce the entire significance of the moment.
If you were answered with consent, do not faint with excitement, but clearly indicate the day, place and time of the meeting. It is better to invite to a restaurant, cafe, excursion, or concert. But it’s better not to go to the cinema on a first date, since you won’t be able to talk and find out about the girl’s possible mutual interests, beliefs and dreams, because you have to silently look at the screen, and the girl may misunderstand your attempts to touch.
Warn in advance what you will do, how to dress. For example, you are planning to date at the training ground, where you will shell each other with paint, and the girl will put on date a dress with a train and all efforts will be in vain.
Be punctual, and if you are late, call and warn that you are late. When you arrive at the meeting point, come up with a humorous excuse for being late, so you smooth out the awkwardness and give you the opportunity to smile.

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