How to make him kiss me

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How to make him kiss me

If a young man is shy and cannot kiss you first, then you will have to act on your own. Of course, any girl wants the guy to take the initiative himself, in which case it is worth using indirect tactics that will make him do what you really want.
How to make him kiss me


First of all, you should give hope to the guy that you have a future. Most likely, he does not kiss you for the reason that he is simply afraid to admit his feelings or that you will reject him. He needs hope for something more, it will give self-confidence, and then his actions will become more decisive.
Use verbal tactics to seduce him. The ability to manipulate and knowledge of body language will come in handy for this. Emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide the flaws. For example, wear a blouse with a deep neckline. Remember that you should not open everything, you must leave room for the guy’s imagination. Use tactile contact. Touch it casually while talking. These gestures bring people together. Perhaps he will understand that you are not indifferent to him, and then he will feel more confident.
You can get a guy to kiss you in a playful way. Remember the golden rule: to win, you have to lose. Bet with him on something, anything can become a subject of dispute, there is no fundamental difference. And let the kiss be the prize. That is, the one who wins kisses the loser. Accordingly, you need to lose the dispute, then everything will work itself out.

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