How to make romance

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How to make romance

There are cynic people, romantic people, people who do not recognize anything but work and career … But all of them — romantics and non-romantics, physicists and lyricists — need romance at least sometimes. A romantic dinner for two, a romantic trip through the years by cable car can do a lot and decide your fate.
How to make romance


Romance is always something out of the ordinary. Therefore, it is traditionally opposed to the ordinary. Romance, repeated from day to day, always the same, quickly turns into routine. Therefore, make sure that every time you have prepared something new and fresh, from the heat — from the heat. You must first of all surprise your chosen one or your chosen one.
How can romance be achieved? Darkness during the day, light at night, quiet, barely discernible music that does not distract lovers from each other. Therefore, clubs with bright lighting are unlikely to fit. It is better to buy candles and force them into an apartment. Tell your spouse, girlfriend, fiancee that the electricity has been cut off, ask them to wait in the hallway, and light candles yourself at this time wherever you left them. Romance is ready, however, if your companion has not yet participated in such performances before you, otherwise all your efforts will seem to her only vulgarity, and she will quickly turn on the light.
Romance is not only an unusual setting, it is also an eccentricity of circumstances. Surprise is your forte. Do not tell your soul mate about your plans, do not give yourself away in any way. Be a little actor. This has never bothered anyone in life — to make out of yourself what you are not from Monday to Friday, pulled into a strict office suit. No matter how trite it may sound, surprises have always only helped lovers.
Don’t forget about yourself too. What is needed is not only an unusual change of scenery and circumstances, but also a small revolution in your own image. If you invite your beloved to a candlelit dinner on the seashore, and you yourself appear in old worn trousers and a simple shirt, your chosen one is unlikely to say with a sigh: «Romance!» And how will you look next to this miracle in a velvet dress and pearls? ..
Generally speaking, romance is a relative concept. How many people, so many «romantics». For some, this is a ship, the sea, candles, a purple tablecloth, for some it is a picnic in the forest, for some it is hot kisses in the toilet of an airplane, and for some it is just a loved one under the windows of the house, drawing in five in the morning on the pavement with white paint: «Sveta, I love you.» Therefore, take into account the tastes of your soulmate and from them, and build off when you are going to arrange romance.

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