How to marry a foreigner

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How to marry a foreigner

Marry foreigner quite possible. At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that the path to the status of a wife foreigner will be more difficult than if you were striving to marry a compatriot. You will have to learn a foreign language, master a computer, learn the intricacies of searching and communicating with foreign men. We will talk about this last one.
How to marry a foreigner


A woman who wants to find her happiness abroad needs, first of all, to draw up for herself a clear description of the desired spouse. Even before the search stage, write a list of the necessary advantages of your chosen one. This can be both the personal qualities of a person and the country of residence, the age and nationality of the potential groom, his financial situation, social status, and so on. When meeting a man, check how he meets your standards, and weed out unsuitable ones, otherwise correspondence with foreignermi threatens to take up all your free time.
At the same time, remember that a foreign man, in turn, is also looking for a woman who matches his image of a future wife. Therefore, at the very first stage of communication, try to find out from him what qualities he sees in his intended spouse, and show him that all these qualities are fully present in you. If he sees a romantic person as his chosen one, write him sentimental messages, but if the main advantage of a woman in his eyes is practicality, try to match this image in your letters.
Also, do not forget that, as in the real world, rapprochement with foreign men occurs on the basis of common hobbies or professional interests. Therefore, try to look for a partner with whom you can find something in common, in this case there will be somewhat more chances for a happy marriage.
Be active in finding and meeting foreign men. Having thought over the image of your future husband, writing an interesting story about yourself and filling out a questionnaire with beautiful photographs, do not think that the work is over. On the contrary, it is just beginning. Act, take the initiative, write yourself to the men you like. Thus, you increase the probability of a successful acquaintance hundreds of times.
It is also important to keep in touch. If a man does not receive your answer for several days, he may decide that he is no longer interested in you and will switch to other women.
Try to meet your chosen one live as soon as possible. At the same time, it would be a much more preferable and safer option if he comes to visit you, and not vice versa.
Having met your potential fiancé and making sure that you still want to marry him, feel free to go to visit him and continue to charm your prince already on his territory until he proposes to you.

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