How to meet a wife from the hospital

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How to meet a wife from the hospital

You have been waiting for this day for so long, and now it has happened — you are dad! The congratulations of friends, relatives and colleagues died down. After so many emotions, I want to relax, but it’s too early to do so. Ahead is the meeting of mother and baby from maternity hospital. Gather all your strength and check if you have everything ready for this.
How to meet a wife from the hospital


Meet wife and the baby should be in a clean apartment. Let the kid be glad that his parents love order and cleanliness. It is necessary to wash the floor even in the most hidden places, vacuum all the shelves, remove excess upholstered furniture, curtains and flowers from the windowsill. Leave only tulle on the windows. It will be easier to wash and the sun will always look into the room, which is very useful for your baby. Sunlight stimulates the development of the nervous system and visual analyzer.
Decide where to place the small crib. It is better to put it in a warm and bright place, but not near the window and not near the batteries. There should always be fresh air around the baby, but you should make sure that there are no drafts. And of course, you need to provide that there is free access to the baby’s crib.
Now check if everything necessary for the child is in the house, and if everything is in its place. And, if you didn’t buy anything in advance, now it’s a hot time. You will have to buy everything you need in a couple of days.
On the first day of discharge of the wife and baby from maternity hospital, the baby will need to be well redeemed. To do this, you must have a bath towel, bath, baby soap and potassium permanganate. Do not forget to wash the bath with soda well and then pour boiling water over it, then you will not have time for this. Purchased baby soap should be white and not have a strong odor.
Be sure to collect a first aid kit. Your baby may need such a banal thing as a gas tube at night when intestinal colic peaks. But at night it will be very difficult to buy. Therefore, we think and buy everything in advance.
Don’t forget about your child’s wardrobe. Be sure to buy overalls, vests and bodysuits. In winter and early spring, give preference to clothes with long sleeves.
If you have collected, bought and ironed all of the above, then I sincerely envy your wife, she has just the perfect husband!


How to meet a wife from the hospital in an original way? Pregnancy has flown by in an instant, your baby has already been born and the time for discharge from the hospital is approaching. How beautiful and original to meet your wife after she gave you such a miracle, your baby? Of course, you can tritely get off with flowers and the wife will be happy, because at other times she does not even see flowers.

Useful advice

We meet the wife from the hospital. The birth of a baby is a holiday for loving parents, including dad. But the «celebration» of this event is sometimes delayed for a long time. But still, you need to pull yourself together, show increased responsibility, care and meet your wife and baby in all weapons. For some time, the wife and child will still remain in the maternity hospital, and no matter how good the maternity hospital is, mother and child need father’s support and attention.

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