How to overcome feelings

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How to overcome feelings

Unrequited love occurs in the lives of many women, and anyone who has experienced it knows how depressed a person feels when experiencing one-sided the sensesto which the object of sympathy is cold. If there is no hope for reciprocity from the other person, and your the senses can only upset you even more, you need to make an effort to overcome them and start a new life. How to do it?
How to overcome feelings


First of all, stop feeling sorry for yourself and gain confidence in your own abilities and intentions. Convince yourself that you should not regret what is impossible to achieve, and try to perceive your the senses as something past, something worth forgetting, like yesterday.
Think about the fact that you love and value yourself, which means that you will not allow yourself to suffer and worry about a person for whom you mean nothing. If the object of your sympathy clearly expressed his unwillingness to build a relationship with you, demonstrated indifference and lack of interest — you do not need this person, and he is not your destiny. Keep your dignity — forget it, don’t complain or discuss your failure with other people.
Everyone knows that it is not so easy to forget a person who has sunk into the soul — but for this there are a lot of distractions that will occupy you so much that you simply will not have enough time to yearn for non-existent the sensesm.
Keep up a cheerful mood, communicate with friends, do your favorite things — grow flowers, walk, play sports and dance, draw, read books, go to parties, watch movies and listen to music. All this will perfectly help to distract from the departed feelings.
Take care of yourself — buy yourself a beautiful thing, use your favorite cosmetics, sign up for a beauty salon, cook your favorite dish. Understand that life goes on, and it is filled with a lot of interesting events and pleasant things.
Think about whether you have some kind of dream or some kind of goal that you have long wanted to achieve, but did not have enough time and determination? If there is such a goal, it’s time to start realizing it. Feel free to go to a language course, to a dance studio, to travel, to the pool — learn what you have always dreamed of. You will realize that your undivided the senses pale in comparison to new vivid impressions.
Love yourself — only then your next love will be mutual. If you carry a trail of resentment and self-doubt behind you, a story with unrequited the sensesWe can repeat ourselves, as men love cheerful and self-confident women.
Keep a sense of inner harmony, enjoy every new day, enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror. Fill your life with a variety of events that develop both your body and your soul — and you will feel how life is getting better, and a lot of new perspectives are opening up ahead.

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