How to play mom and dad on April 1

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How to play mom and dad on April 1

Looking forward to the first of April, we must prepare in advance. After all, this is practically the only day when jokes are perceived with humor and without offense, and most importantly — without consequences and punishments.
Everything needs to be thought out
You will need
  • ingenuity, sense of humor, a little patience


When deciding how to prank your parents, you need to decide on unexpected events and situations for them. There are a large number of tricks, methods, ways of drawing, but choosing the most suitable one is always difficult.

To begin with, you can prepare a dessert “with a twist” for breakfast, i.e. with pepper, garlic, spices, mayonnaise or sauce, garnish with coconut flakes, you can add cookies or cheese. Quickly, while no one sees, put a masterpiece of art in the refrigerator and proceed directly to preparing a real light breakfast. After the main part of the breakfast is eaten, you can serve the same dessert, emphasizing that it is very sweet, and look at the reaction of those who have tasted it.

You can start with breakfast
Dad’s prank should always be approached with caution, they usually quickly guess what’s going on. We start in the evening: we sneak into the parents’ bedroom and paint dad’s nails, then remove the nail polish remover (kerosene can also be removed) or leave it on the very bottom. In the morning you will see everything, but do not go too far, help dad after some torment and trying to get rid of varnish. You can also sew a blanket to a sheet or mattress. And in the morning, unexpectedly burst into the room and alarm the parents or create a panic, the effect will be instant.
while parents sleep
You can also report that parents are being called to school, and just before leaving, confess to the prank. An effective method is to send sms with comic content. If you come home with a cigarette and a bottle of alcohol in your hands, the result will be excellent, of course, if you are not a smoker and do not abuse alcohol.
You can send SMS

Tip 2: How to prank your parents

Playful pranks can always cheer up your family and make a weekday different from others. The most important thing is to pronounce the word “prank” in time so that the joke does not anger or offend parents.
How to prank your parents


Free parents from preparing breakfast and asking to be allowed to make your «signature» dish. This will be the sweet tooth dessert. It is very important that no one sees what products will be involved in the preparation of this dish.
Grate the processed cheese, a few cloves of garlic and half a hot pepper on a coarse grater. Mix all ingredients with mayonnaise. The mass should be of such a consistency that balls can be rolled out of it. Form several round candies and sprinkle them with coconut flakes, then put them in the refrigerator.
While the balls are cooling, prepare the main part of the breakfast. It can be tea with sandwiches, scrambled eggs or pancakes. Then invite mom and dad to the table, and when it comes to dessert, take the “sweets” out of the fridge and treat them to them. parents. Your culinary masterpiece will be remembered for a long time.
Get up early in the morning parents and glue their toothbrushes with second glue to the cup or other stand in which they are located. And squeeze out the contents from the tube of toothpaste and use a syringe to pump mayonnaise or sour cream.
Follow the futile efforts parents and announce a raffle, then give them a new toothbrush each and continue to watch the second attempt at the morning toilet. Most importantly, do not wait too long and hand your parents a new tube of toothpaste in time.
Draw a tattoo on yourself with a black eyeliner pencil, and for more realism, fill it with hairspray. Come into the room parents and show off a new masterpiece of underwear painting. After mom and dad are surprised, be sure to admit to the prank and show that the tattoo is easily washed off.
Prepare any dish, but do not salt it. Cover the inside of the salt shaker with duct tape. invite parents to the table and watch as they try in vain to salt their portions. After that, be sure to confess everything and give out a normal salt shaker.


the same jokes for one person can be very funny, and for another — quite offensive, angry and not at all funny. A real joke brings only positive emotions and impressions.

Useful advice

Always admit in time that this is a hoax, so that later you do not eliminate the consequences together. A good joke should be funny to everyone.

Attention, only TODAY!

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