How to present yourself

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How to present yourself

Knowing how to properly present yourself is extremely important. This skill will be useful to you both in the case of getting a job or establishing business contacts, and when meeting the opposite sex. People around perceive information about a person by 50% through visual perception, by 40% — by evaluating the speech of the interlocutor, and only 10% is accounted for by what exactly he reports. As you can see, success is 90% dependent on the art of self-presentation.
How to present yourself


To begin with, turn your attention to the greeting ritual, which for most business meetings begins with a handshake. Your hand on the one hand did not look like a dead fish, but together the handshake should not be too strong, this can be perceived as an attempt to suppress the interlocutor. The handshake should be confident, the palm should not be placed above or below the interlocutor’s hand, but vertically — this is a handshake of equals.
The greeting should be accompanied by a direct, honest smile and an open look. Too much staring is embarrassing, a timid look or a manner of not looking into the eyes makes a bad impression. Try practicing eye contact in front of a mirror.
It is known that beautiful people evoke sympathy in the majority, so when preparing for self-presentation, carefully consider your appearance. Even if you don’t consider yourself a handsome man, the concept of “beauty” includes both physical data and a well-groomed appearance. Therefore, try to be neat, well-groomed, dressed “to the point” at the meeting.
Great sympathy causes a feeling of energy emanating from a person. Therefore, come to the meeting well-rested and in a good mood. If the mood is not set in the morning, raise it artificially — smile at yourself in the mirror, and say that you will definitely succeed today.
Don’t forget sign language. At the meeting, lean towards the interlocutors, show open palms, and do not pinch and do not spread out on the chair.
Compliment your interlocutors. Let them not be far-fetched, but sincere and original. Take a closer look at your interlocutors, find something in them that arouses your sympathy, and successfully use the features you like in a conversation. Practice complimenting people, this art can open any door.

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