How to propose to a friend

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How to propose to a friend

While philosophers argue about the existence of friendship between a man and a woman, mere mortals are forced to independently solve the problems of relations with the opposite sex. There are friendly companies in which men and women are approximately equally divided (as a rule, boys and girls, since large friendly companies often consist of young people). Sooner or later, a man’s feelings for one of his girlfriends can hardly be called friendly. To change the situation, invite the girl to meet.
How to propose to a friend


Suggest girlfriend just walk together. Warn that you want to talk about something serious. Choose the place for the walk. Best options: cafe, park, just walking down the street. Bad options: cinema, theater, disco. You must make contact and exclude distractions from loud music, video, or other activities. Naturally, as a man, you will pay the bills in a cafe, even if it is customary in the company to pay for yourself.
On a date, bring some small gift: flowers, chocolate, a book. She should immediately feel your concern.
It is not necessary to start a conversation right off the bat. First, discuss general topics: events in the company, in the city, in the country. Move on to the most important moment only when both are comfortable and relaxed.
Start declaring your love with something like this: “You know, Katya, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.” Wait for her reaction, but ignore her. Continue: “I like you as a woman and I want to be your man. Do you want to date me?»
In any wording of recognition, you must demonstrate your strong masculinity, your willingness to start a business and continue, despite obstacles. Even if you are in a modest environment, the choice of a woman depends more on the strength you have shown and the ability to be caring.

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